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    When you feel like you need some grounding, this is a perfect dish. The warmth, tenderly cooked lamb and bursts of flavor will bring you back down to Earth.
    Easy to make and satisfied for hours. My girls make this all the time for a quick lunch.
    This is one recipe I like to make in large quantities for the weekend. It stores well and the family always has a healthy option - it’s a win, win!
    When I cook this dish, I feel like a 5-star chef. It looks like a beautiful piece of art and it makes you start to dance after you have your first bite. My mouth is watering just thinking about them!
    Simply perfection: Little ingredients, big flavor. There’s nothing like the power of fresh herbs.
    Salad wraps are the perfect lunches during those hot summer days. I love switching the wraps from leafy greens to nori, the combinations are endless!
    With meal prepping, it’s easy to throw a fabulous salad together for lunches using leftovers. That’s how many of my salad creations come to life, including this one!
    If you prepare this is in the morning before you go to work, you will want to kiss yourself when you return home. The most delicious aromas will permeate the air and then you have juicy roast beef slow cooked to perfection waiting for you enjoy.
    The crisp crunch of the lettuce with the flavorful slightly spicy warm beef and cool creamy avocado is something you’ll want to have at least once a week- it’s that good! This is a fun meal to share with family and friends.
    These ribs are a must try. The combination of spices and sweetness of tomatoes and thyme creates a sensational experience. You will not be disappointed!
    There is something magical about a perfectly poached egg paired with a flavorful Hollandaise sauce. Jazz it up by adding smoked salmon and spinach! Beautiful on the eyes and for the brain.
    Does ratatouille give you that warm sense of comfort? It sure does for me! I grew up watching my mom make different varieties of ratatouille, so there is definitely a reminder of home in this dish. Always full of love, flavor and most likely all your vegetables that were about to go bad. Makes great leftovers!