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    Pesto Mighty Maca Chicken Breast

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    Pesto Mighty Maca Chicken Breast

    Submitted by Bethany Radke


    • 2 organic pasture raised chicken breasts
    • 1 organic lemon
    • 2-scoops Mighty Maca Plus
    • 3-4 Tb’s organic pesto (You can make your own without pine nuts and cheese for a dairy free Low FODMAP version. Just use any nut you are able to tolerate. Macadamia are great.)
    • One organic onion


    Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees

    Place chicken breasts in 9×9 pan and spread pesto on top.

    Slice or chop onions how you like and place around in the pan.

    Slice 2-3 rounds of the lemon and place on top of chicken and pesto. Squeeze the rest over onions in the pan.

    Cover and cook for 45 minutes.

    Awesome leftovers if placed in bone broth soup with extra Mighty Maca pesto!

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    Dr. Anna Cabeca

    Dr. Anna Cabeca

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