InStyle, goop, SHAPE, First for women, Woman's World, People, POOSH, mind body green, Forbes, ABC, NBC A great week made easy!
InStyle, goop, SHAPE, First for women, Woman's World, People, POOSH, mind body green, Forbes, ABC, NBC A great week made easy!

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Woman's World

Dr. Anna Cabeca shares the menopause superfoods that heal as they slim, plus easy energy boosters, how to save big this summer, the drink that ends stress, easy recipes for sweet treats and more.


Press Release

The Girlfriend Doctor is proud to announce the PATENT awarded to its founder and CEO, Dr. Anna Cabeca, DO, FACOG, for her invention of Julva®, a feminine cosmetic cream for women for relief of vaginal atrophy symptoms.

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USA Today

Here's why some doctors shy away from hormone therapy for menopause – and what to know about risks.

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Have hormones taken a toll on your ability to enjoy intimacy? Whether you’re dealing with pain, dryness, or a nonexistent libido, there’s plenty you can do to turn things around. Check out this article in Parade magazine, where I, along with other experts, shared methods for reclaiming your sexy. 

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Dr. Anna on TV

Good Morning Washington

Dr. Anna joined us to discuss “MenuPause: Five Unique Eating Plans to Break Through Your Weight Loss Plateau and Improve Mood, Sleep, and Hot Flashes"

TV Show host speaking with Dr. Anna over videoconference

KATU Afternoon Live

Dr. Anna Cabeca talked about different diets to overcome your menopause symptoms like weight gain, moodiness, brain fog and not getting a good night's sleep


Eat This, Not That

Here's How to Prevent Aging, Say Doctors

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PopSugar / Yahoo!

4 Possible Reasons Behind Postsex Bloating, According to a Doctor

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The Chalk Board

Let this delicious fall scone recipe from Dr. Anna Cabeca trip you right into the kitchen for your first baking endeavor of the season. We recommend them smeared with grass-fed butter, coconut butter or this dreamy honey jam.

This recipe is one of many goodies from MenuPause by Dr. Anna Cabeca, a gorgeously illustrated look into how menopause is treated globally. Diet being the number-one way to reduce symptoms and ease the transition.


5 Ways a Hormonal Imbalance Can Wreak Havoc on Your Sex Life

Dr. Anna Cabeca talked about a decline in the hormone dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) affecting both men and women. "When DHEA is low, it is associated with low libido and drive. Estrogen and testosterone are made from DHEA, so when DHEA is low, that can cause a decrease in testosterone and estrogen as well."


Diet and Menopause with Dr. David Perlmutter

Dr. Anna Cabeca joins Dr. David Perlmutter to answer some of those burning questions about Diet/Menopause, and how to balance our hormones with simple things like food!

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First For Women

Ozempic for Women Over 50? 5 Doctors Weigh In on the New Weight-Loss Injectables

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Podcast Features

Rebel Talk with Dr. Michelle Peris, naturopathic doctor

Rebel Talk

Menopause - a women’s second Spring with Dr. Anna Cabeca

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Emerge. The health podcast for busy high performing women


Navigating Menopause, Plateaus, Generational Healing and More With Dr. Anna Cabeca

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Everyday Wellness with Cynthia Thurlow

Cynthia Thurlow Podcast

Healing Your Hormones and Becoming Empowered with The Girlfriend Doctor

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IMPACT Podcast

On this week’s episode of IMPACT, host Meghan Walker is joined by two experts in women’s health – Dr. Stephanie Estima, a chiropractor and expert in functional neurology, and Dr. Anna Cabeca, a world-renowned, triple-board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist who helps women transition through the various hormonal phases of their lives. Meghan’s guests share their insights on navigating the hormonal changes that occur during perimenopause and menopause.

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