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The 8-Week Proven Process to Stop Menopause Symptoms

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A Message from Dr. Anna

Are you tired of feeling frumpy, moody, and like a shell of your younger self…with absolutely no motivation or energy to do the things you used to love?

Let me guess a thing or two about you.

You’re exhausted all the time, but also barely sleeping through the night. You’re gaining weight (even though you’re trying so, so hard to eat less and move more). And it sometimes takes you three full minutes to remember simple words (usually at the worst possible moment!)

Anxious thoughts seem to hit at random times — but especially right before bedtime just to keep things extra challenging in the sleep department. 

You get frustrated and annoyed over the tiniest things. 

And your relationship seems to be on a downward spiral because, let’s face it, you just have ZERO interest in sex…which has something to do with the fact your vagina’s drier than the piece of toast you left in the air fryer too long because you forgot you were making it.

Let’s not even talk about those hot flashes… because no matter how often they hit, you just never get used to that feeling do you?

You’re trying to power through your normal routine, but most days, if you’re honest, you’d give anything to just lay in your sweats all day and binge Netflix, then nap. Instead, you chug down another coffee and keep on going. 

You keep all of this to yourself because, well, people depend on you. And you don’t want to let anyone down or cause inconvenience for anybody else. 

Plus, when you do get the nerve to mention some of this to your doctor, they shrug, tell you “it’s normal!” and send you on your way without any meaningful direction. Dr. Google’s no help either. There’s so much conflicting information out there about ‘the change’ it’s impossible to know where to start.

Yep, there’s no doubt that menopause is a lonely, frustrating place to be.

But I want you to know that I get where you're coming from because I've experienced the misery of menopause — not once —but twice! And it doesn’t have to be this way. 

The first time, it was so excruciating that…

The Result? Magic Menopause.

My 8-week program that’ll bring you back to life, using the same protocols I used for myself and with my patients countless times.

Are you ready to put your menopause struggles behind you?

“So Grateful”

“I am so grateful to you Dr. Anna for creating this program & being the loving, caring person that you are. Thank you for sharing your wonderful wisdom with us in a simple way we can understand. You’ve really inspired me to continue the challenge to be my best self. I finally know how to eat delicious meals without gaining weight (I lost 10 pounds!) and I don’t need to self-medicate with wine anymore. Best of all, my relationship has improved tenfold. Thank you!”


4 Reasons Women Feel So Miserable During Menopause

1. Haywire Hormones
When your hormones are out of balance it makes it almost impossible to lose weight or experience positive moods.

2. Runaway Inflammation
Inflammation leads to many of the ailments that plague you as you age — including menopause symptoms.

3. Sneaky Hidden Toxins
Toxins are everywhere in today’s environment. Some of these toxins have even been found to mimic female hormones, causing all kinds of menopausal mayhem.

4. Everyday Stress
Sources of life-shortening stress are all around you. But did you know they can cause your menopause symptoms to amplify?

  • Balance your hormones so you can:

    • Finally, make progress on your weight loss goals and feel lighter than you have in years 
    • Regain the energy you had in your 20s
    • Say goodbye to brain fog, hot flashes, night sweats, breakouts, low libido, vaginal dryness, and mood swings
  • Give inflammation the slip and:

    • Feel lighter, clearer, and faster in every way
    • Watch your blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood
      sugar numbers change
    • Get to the bottom of your joint pain and
      vasomotor challenges
  • Flush out toxins, the secret to:

    • Stopping those “crazy” moments where you’re angry one minute and crying the next
    • Stopping those “crazy” moments where you’re
      angry one minute and crying the next
    • Reducing cellulite (without spending thousands on
  • Master your stress levels which:

    • Heals your relationships with family, friends, and
    • Gets peace back into your life
    • Calms anxious thoughts and worries
  • Regain your positivity and passion for life so you can:

    • Rekindle your desire — in the bedroom and in your work
    • Remember what it feels like to love and value yourself
    • Freely experience more joy in your life
  • Step off the blood sugar rollercoaster and into:

    • Clothes you haven’t been able to wear in years
    • A life of abundant energy and mental clarity
    • A healthy, easy relationship with food
  • Move forward with the tools you need to:

    • Maintain your progress and keep the Menopause Magic going
    • Confidently advocate for your health
    • Love what you see when you look in the mirror
    • Understand & master your hormones
    • Understand your Lab tests, hormone and functional and learn how to be optimal, not normal!
  • “A Wonderful Experience”

    “Magic Menopause was a wonderful experience! The program is chockfull of priceless information and support. As someone who’s had some big health challenges and some traumatic emotional experiences in the last 15 years, I’ve made some real improvements with this program and I truly believe I am now poised to live my life in a much healthier and abundant way. I am really grateful to Dr. Anna!”

    — KELLY J.

  • “Thank You”

    “I would like to express my gratitude to you, Dr.Anna, and all of your staff. I don't feel ashopeless as I did before and I’m really enjoyingthe process. I’ve lost 11 pounds so far and I’mexcited to lose more. Thank you for allowing meto make this investment in my life and thanksyou for your investment into all of our live.”

    — APRIL P.

    • It’s led by a triple board-certified OB/GYN
    • It teaches you which steps to take in exactly
      what order, meaning no more guesses or
      overwhelm about where to start or what to do
    • It delivers maximum results, quickly. Some
      women lose up to 20+ pounds over this
      8-week program
  • Here are the changes you can expect to see
    while going through Magic Menopause:

    • In the first week, you’ll notice a change in
      your energy levels
    • After week two, your spirits begin to lift,
      and you start to feel like anything is
    • Week three brings a flatter stomach,
      better digestion, and bloat...Never heard
      of it
    • Once you’ve made it to week four, you’ll
      notice your hot flashes aren’t making a
      regular appearance anymore
  • “Love this Program”

    “I was too tired to do anything, including being intimate with my husband. All that has changed for the better! My original symptom score was 48 and today I’m at 6. As an extra win, I’ve lost 10 pounds, and inches from my body. You’ll love this program and won’t want it to end!”

    — VICKI O.

  • “Lost Inches and Weight”

    “Before I stated Magic Menopause I was discouraged by frequent illness, memory issues and stubborn weight, but I had no willpower to shift it no matter what I tried. Magic Menopausenot only got my body back on track, it gave me my willpower back too. I have lost inches and weight and detoxed like crazy!”

    — HEATHER K.

Let’s crush your menopause symptoms together.

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