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    Keto-Alkaline (Keto-Green™) Diet

    We’ve been talking for a while now about how important detox is in order to balance hormones and maintain optimal health, and how my Keto-Alkaline™ Diet provides a great foundation for physical detoxification.
    Your doctor may have told you that your brain fog, insomnia, mood swings and/or anxiety are just a natural part of aging. To deal with those symptoms perhaps you’ve even been prescribed an anti-depressant or anti-anxiety med, or something to help you sleep. You might also be soldiering through other perimenopausal or menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, PMS and vaginal dryness. 

    In This Post You’ll Learn:

    • Why sexual interest gets diminished or lost
    • 3 tips to physically help your body heal and open up to feeling sexy and playful again
    • The impact of hormones on your sex life
    • The proper way to do Kegels that will really make a difference to your lady bits

    Do you feel stressed, tired, lonely and disconnected from your relationships with others and even yourself?

    Do you prefer to stay home rather than socialize?

    Today I’m talking with a 54-year-old rock-star named Geri Newell.

    Why do I consider that she is rocking it? Well, she has embraced dramatic changes in her life in order to achieve her best health and happiness. Let me share her amazing story with you.

    Have you tried various medications, but you still aren’t feeling much better? Or does a medication seem to work for a little while, and then the effects appear to wear off, leaving you right back where you started?

    Are you tired of gaining pound after pound in menopause and the years leading up to it? Have you been dreaming of being slim, sexy, and energetic? Are you ready to get rid of a sluggish metabolism once and for all?

    I talk a lot about how our hormones change as we age, how they respond to stress, and how they are affected by our diet and lifestyle. Today I want to talk about one symptom that too many women suffer through and how natural solutions can really help.
    Christmas Eve is here and I can’t help but reflect on what a wonderful holiday season it has been, not to mention what an incredible year I’ve had. Of course in this reflection, I have found myself thinking very tenderly about grief.
    Today I want you to meet a beautiful 62-year-old woman named Shayndel Kahn. This energizer bunny has now been a part of two seasons of Magic Menopause and is here today to share a little about the “game-changing” strategies that she learned as part of my Keto-Green® diet and lifestyle program.
    Christmas is just around the corner! It’s usually a busy time of year, but this season has been an even more hectic period for me with my recent travels across the sea. I wanted to check in with you about how your preparations for the holidays are going.