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    Keto-Alkaline (Keto-Green™) Diet

    When was the last time you had a conversation with someone, not just about sex, but about yoursexual health?

    Maybe you find it’s easy to talk about it, but in my practice I’ve found that many women are a bit embarrassed to go into too much detail! And women who aren’t in a relationship aren’t even sure there’s anything to talk about!

    Well sexual health doesn’t only refer to the times in your life when you have a partner. Just like your mental, physical, and emotional health, it’s with you for your entire life! And all four different types of health are interrelated with each other, so your sexual health affects the other three, and they also affect your sexual health. Together they make upyou, as a whole person. That’s why it’sso important to talk about it.

    Just when you think you have life figured out… you have to transition into another phase! These transitions are sometimes psychological, sometimes emotional, and sometimes physical. And most often are all three!

    When it comes to physical transitions you may feel like your body is betraying you. As hormone levels change many women deal with hot flashes, inexplicable weight gain (even though you haven’t changed anything about how you eat or move), night sweats, “brain fog”, and maybe even a short temper! ...

    I receive lots of positive feedback from my program participants. When I hear “hot flashes are almost gone” or “no more skin flare ups” or “I can finally sleep” or “I’ve got my figure back” and other success stories, I get really excited! Especially because the healing is based on diet, NOT on taking prescription drugs or other symptom-masking medical interventions.

    Sex hormones are an important topic no matter how old you are, and regardless of whether or not you are actually in a sexual relationship right now. 

    You may already know that as you age your sex hormone levels change. This affects women, who then often suffer from vaginal dryness and hot flashes, and men, who may experience erectile dysfunction or a loss of libido. But these vital hormones do much more than support libido and sexual function.

    They also influence many other important health conditions in your body including brain function, bone health, metabolism, and the stress response.

    It’s that time of year again! The summer days are winding down and the nights are getting cooler. Depending on where you live you may need to put on an extra layer when you first go out in the morning. 

    I love how the seasons transition from one to the other and I love the crisp fall colors. 

    But as kids return to school - whether it’s a “hybrid” school year for your family this year or full-time in school - we are also reminded that in addition to avoiding Covid-19, the regular flu will begin making its rounds pretty soon too...

    Have you tried lots of different diets, but still been unable to reach your goals for health, weight loss, and energy? 
    It’s hard for me to believe that it has been four years since I created my internationally acclaimed feminine restorative cream, Julva®. WhenI initially developed Julva to address vaginal atrophy symptoms such as vaginal dryness, discomfort, diminished libido and urinary leaking, I had no idea how successful it would be and how it would transform so many women’s daily lives.
    No one likes a pudgy waistline or a muffin top but sometimes, especially during and after menopause, it seems really hard to get rid of them! You can blame it on your reduced levels of estrogen, which shifts body fat to your waist. I get it, and I’ve experienced it.  It’s frustrating and depressing to try to wriggle into a skirt, or button up jeans that used to fit. Expanding belly fat does more than make it hard to zip up your clothes though.
    When you’re young, you believe you can get away with a lot in terms of diet and exercise. But as you age, you usually start to feel the effects of less healthy choices. You may need a catalyst to change your ways and choose a more wholesome lifestyle...
    I have had more time on my hands to reflect this year and wanted to share a gathering of some of my favorite birthday and aging articles and podcasts from years past. Enjoy!
    She’s only 45 years old and yet struggling with Crohn’s Disease. She was also pre-diabetic. She’s a beautiful woman that works hard in spite of the challenges life throws at her. Instead of making excuses (we all do that sometimes), she wanted to strive to get better.