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    Just know, after sharing these treats you are going to be admired more than you already are. You will also be expected to make them every year for holiday parties for the rest of your life.
    Whether you’re having a cocktail or a mocktail, you cannot go wrong with sparkling water, citrus and ginger. This mix adds a little splash of color and sweetness. Enjoy these drinks that keep you in the keto burning zone
    This makes me want to curl up by the fireplace on a snowy day. This drink is warm on every level and will make your kitchen smell amazing. A perfect drink to enjoy while still staying Keto-Green!
    You know I had to make a festive pumpkin spice beverage with Mighty Maca! I believe you will be quite pleased with it. Enjoy!
    I think it’s safe to say I don’t need to explain gravy to you. And you don’t have to wait until Thanksgiving! Try it over the Cauliflower Mash too, you won’t be disappointed.
    When I’m in need of a heartier smoothie, I love to add nuts for the fats, especially cashews. Hearty and creamy.
    It’s hard to believe how many ingredients are in this blended soup but my goodness do they work great with each other and leave you feel cleansed.
    Easy to make and satisfied for hours. My girls make this all the time for a quick lunch.
    Make way for the new and improved mashed potatoes. Give them a chance, you’ll love them and feel great afterwards too!

    This drink makes me feel like I just had a spa treatment and feeling fabulous!
    Total beauty beverage.

    We all know what raw oysters are and there’s a good chance you are not craving raw oysters plain, but trust me you want them - the benefits are too good. The secret is in the horseradish. That’s where the flavor is!
    This is one recipe I like to make in large quantities for the weekend. It stores well and the family always has a healthy option - it’s a win, win!