The Benefits of Eating Organ Meat with James Barry

On this week’s episode of The Girlfriend Doctor, I talk with James Barry, a private chef who’s been in the culinary field for nearly two decades and believes in the benefits of eating organ meat, otherwise known as offal.

Our ancestors ate parts of animals that gave them lots of nutrient-dense food. The foods we eat today are not as nutrient-dense as the food our grandparents ate, so the majority of Americans are nutrient deficient, but not calorie deficient. 

72% of men and 63% of women are obese or overweight in the US because they’re eating a lot of food, but that food is low in nutrients.

Barry believes that organ meats can really help people to get the nutrients they need. He calls them Mother Nature’s multivitamins and considers animal organs some of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. He cites beef liver as being one of the healthiest foods you can eat, chock full of vitamins and minerals. Other animal organs like hearts and tongue are also high in nutrients.

Barry has created a freeze-dried seasoning made from a variety of animal organs called Pluck. He also addresses how we can buy organs that are available to us and consume them in microdoses.

The most important thing we can do for a healthy diet is eat foods that are ingredients, instead of those that have ingredients. 


[4:24] Why our ancestors ate more nutrient-dense foods

[7:20] Why food today is not as nutrient-dense and link to obesity

[18:51] James Barry product called Pluck containing freeze-dried organs

[20:08] How to use Pluck on foods

[20:45] How to microdose beef liver

[22:49] How to eat chicken hearts

[26:14] How to eat beef tongue

[30:55] More ideas on how to flavor foods with Pluck

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