Protecting Your Heart and Smile with Dr. Ellie Campbell - How Your Oral Health Affects Your Cardiac Health


Did you know that your oral health impacts your cardiac health? Today on The Girlfriend Doctor, we welcome Dr. Ellie Campbell back to the show to address the epidemic of preventable heart attacks and strokes in America. Dr. Campbell has been a board-certified family doctor for thirty years, and today she shares the story of a tooth infection that caused a deadly stroke in one of her beloved patients.

In this episode, Dr. Campbell educates you on the dental meridian and how each tooth is connected electrically to a specific organ. This connection is why a seemingly insignificant tooth infection can indicate a deeper issue within the body. 

Dr. Campbell believes that heart attacks are optional and strokes are preventable. By integrating dental and medical care, doctors and dentist could work together to diagnose patients earlier to prevent cardiac issues later in life. Conventional dentistry alone cannot address the deeper health issues associated with tooth decay, cavities, and residual bacteria from root canals. She gives you the resources to protect your oral health at home and connect with a holistic dentist.

Your oral health may be the key to saving your life; even with a family history of cardiac arrest, you can protect yourself from heart attacks and strokes by protecting your teeth. Join us to learn how you can protect your heart and your smile.




[2:30] From conventional medicine to holistic dental care

[5:00] Uncovering the Truth about tooth infections

[7:40] Studying Chinese medicine dental meridians 

[12:00] Blood testing for your teeth and heart

[14:30] A new way to treat cavities and tooth infections

[19:20] What to brush your teeth with 

[21:30] The bacteria strains associated with cardiac disease

[24:00] All root canals are temporary

[30:30] Tangible ways to protect your oral health 


Holistic Dentist Finder 

Bristle Oral Health Test



“I felt our healthcare system was responsible for her death, because we missed something, and so I spent the next five years of my career searching for the things I might have missed, and it turned out that two weeks before she died, Dee had a toothache.”  [5:28] -Dr. Campbell

“They should be testing those bacteria, cause if you don’t know what you’re treating it’s really hard to eradicate it. Fun Fact! Some of the worst cases of periodontal disease have a yeast overgrowth problem, and if your dentist is not checking to see if you have yeast in addition to bacteria then they’re gonna miss it.”  [23:05] -Dr.Campbell



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