Full Body Vibration Therapy with Dr. Jason Conviser - How to Optimize your Physical Fitness at Any Age


Today’s guest is Dr. Jason Conviser Ph.D, a fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine who has published over 40 scientific journal articles on physical fitness. An anomaly in sports medicine, Dr. Convisor abstains from treating professional athletes because he believes every person is an athlete with the potential to optimize and strengthen their body. In this episode, he shares the therapeutic uses of whole body vibration. 

Your body is a machine and it needs movement to perform optimally. Vibration is a simple way of warming up your muscles so you can get the most out of your routine. No matter what age or skill level you can start your fitness journey with a simple walk around the block and full body vibration therapy can help you along your journey. It has been proven to decrease cortisol, increase flexibility, strengthen muscles and support healthy bones. This tool was made to be customized and is used to aid people of all physical stages reclaim their health and live more fulfilling lives. 


[5:20] The history of vibration therapy and how it became available to the public

[8:45] Using vibration therapy to create more energy and to do activity optimally

[11:50] Being muscularly strong creates bone force and leads to regenerative healthy bones

[14:30] Whole body vibration decreases cortisol by increasing aerobic capacity

[17:00] Exercise is the key to allowing glucose into your cells by making them permeable

[23:30] Body plates are a great tool for pelvic floor exercise and improvement

[30:00] Increasing strength and flexibility decreases pain and increases mobility

[35:00] Stretching the upper body is essential to improve muscle strength in a sedentary lifestyle

[39:40] Consult a doctor if you suffer from problems with balance or are recovering from surgery

[46:00] Arthritis and bone on bone are a unique challenges which requires medical attention 

[51:00] Many gyms are now carrying power plates if you are unable to get your own

[53:00] Set a goal, start slow and don’t give up! 


Website: https://www.ascendchc.com/jason-conviser

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ascend_chicago/



“If we can deliver warm blood to the muscle that are going to be contracting we can warm up and then instead of hurting ourselves when we exercise, we warm up and then our muscles are prepared for firing and for doing good escersize.”   [8:00]

“If you have cortisol  it slows the body down, it goofs up the immune system, it screws up everything in the body. The literature is extremely clear that with whole body vibration, cortisol levels decrease and decrease significantly.”  [13:05]

“I’ve never had a client where I say, you should never exercise and exercise is bad for you. It doesn't exist. We modify the activity to deal with how someone presents and with vibration, it allows me exponential ways of approaching how to help a client feel better.” [27:50]

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