Episode 8 - Anxiety & Depression Over the Holidays


As this year comes to a close, I know you’re thinking about how to make 2021 better, brighter, and happier in every way. You want to AWAKEN to all the possibilities and live to your full potential.

One thing that may be holding you back is hidden trauma – events in your past that still haunt you. These traumas can re-emerge as stress, anxiety, depression and disease. On this week’s show, I had the absolute pleasure of talking to the Therapy Twins, Joan Landino and Jane Buckley – identical twin sisters, retired therapists and experts in how to look openly and honestly at trauma, and move past it toward forgiveness, compassion and real healing. This episode had me laughing and crying.

Did you know that hormones can fuel buried trauma and exacerbate the devastating effects that come with it? The Therapy Twins talk about how, in the middle of life, trauma can resurface as irritability, insomnia and impulsivity (especially with words). Your PTSD brain is like a snake – it bites first and asks questions later. That’s no way to live.

I talk with Joan and Jane about:

  • What lies beneath anger.

  • How to change your perceptions, your story and your life.

  • The real magic of forgiveness.

This episode brought to mind one of my favorite lines from the poet Kahlil Gibran:

“Your joy is your sorrow unmasked. And the selfsame well from which your laughter rises was oftentimes filled with your tears. And how else can it be?”

Until next time Girlfriends, remember that no matter how you have been challenged in life, you CAN heal. We’re here to take care of each other. And that’s why I love being here for you. 



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