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    Bladder Problems

    I'll show you 3 natural ways of reducing or even healing leaky bladder entirely. And yes, when I say natural that means no drugs or surgery.
    As we age, along with sometimes painful and embarrassing vaginal issues, such as discharge and dryness, many of us will suffer at some point from incontinence.
    Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (PFD) is a general term that refers to a wide range of symptoms that can occur "down there." These issues are often misdiagnosed. What can you do to support your pelvic floor health?

    Let’s talk about our pelvic floor muscles & kegel exercises. Exercising our pelvic floor muscles are important no matter how old we are! But many women do them wrong.

    Blood sugar, insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, obesity and diabetes may all increase your risk of incontinence, or urinary leakage. Learn natural solutions.

    Which one do YOU do most often…hover or cover? And what is the real risk from that public restroom experience?
    Are you doing your Kegel exercises wrong? Join Michelle Kenway as she explains the correct and best way to perform those exercises for optimal results.

    “Sexual Health” is not just important for women having sex. We need to focus on our lady bits in order to prevent prolapse, leaking, pain and other issues!