Renewing the Mind: Part 2 – Forgiveness

I just came back from a “silent retreat” which was an amazing experience.

How often do we get to just “be” with ourselves?

No distractions, no conversations, no interrupts (and no electronics)! It is amazing how just setting one’s iPhone aside can bring such an immediate opportunity to stay in the present, reflect and let go of the bottled-up past.

That is something I found important during this retreat. Letting go of the past, and focusing on the peace that comes from forgiveness. Forgiveness of others, as well as myself.

Hands-with-forgive-stoneI had another recent opportunity to go through an exercise of “forgiveness” which I also wanted to share with you.

Watch the video on how we all tend to negatively self-label ourselves, often based on some past guilts or an inability to let go of old emotions. Try this simple exercise, it was very powerful for me. Release the negative thoughts, forgive yourself and move on to live a truly vida pura!

This theme continues in my Couch Talk interview today with my great friend – and lovely human being – Pedram Shojai.

Please listen to Pedram’s wonderful interview. You will enjoy it and learn from it. 

Not only will you connect with Pedram’s lovely thoughts and insights, but he shares one of his easy breathing “Zen” techniques that any of us can do – at any time – to take our bodies out of our daily stress (and high cortisol!) mode into a “relax and chill” mode!

Doesn’t that sound great?

In particular I love Pedram’s idea that each of us have a “Life Garden”. We decide what plants we want to focus on, nourish and water. He, being a new daddy, is very focused on family. He talks about how one only has so much water to nourish one’s plants. So he is learning to say “no” to all the distractions, to allocate his “attention and intentions” I love that phrase… oh, and one of those plants to nourish is yourself, by the way! Self-care is vitally important.

Enjoy the changing seasons…a time of renewal. Listen to Pedram and practice the easy breathing technique. I promise you will enjoy listening to this insightful man…

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