Essential Nutrients for Glowing Skin Beauty from the Inside Out!

Good skin isn’t just an outside job. As a doctor and expert on anti-aging and regenerative medicine, I’ve seen first-hand that the skin is a mirror for not only the health of your outsides, but also the health of your insides. The right nutrients can make all the difference; especially as we age…they’re essential to glowing, healthy skin.

Here’s a quick nutrient guide to healthy, glowing skin after 40…

  • Heal Your Gut, Heal Your Life: Use Digestive Enzymes and Betaine HCL to break down the healthy proteins, fats and carbohydrates that you consume. It gets harder as we age so give yourself some extra support here. Use a daily quality probiotic…I love mine.
  • Love Your Liver: Phosphatidylcholine Healthy Vegetablesis the basic building block to every cell in the body and without adequate amounts we age quickly – yikes! It supports healthy liver function (think detox and our skin is our largest detox organ – it weighs more than the liver!), hormone balance and it keeps cells from aging too quickly. Food sources are: nuts, seeds, dandelion greens and egg yolks.
  • THE Skin Vitamin? It’s Vitamin A, and use it in higher doses if you have dry skin, skin tags, acne, warts, or bumps on your skin (don’t exceed about 25,000 IUs a day and work with a practitioner to check liver enzymes). It also helps failing eyesight as we age, especially adjusting to the dark. Food sources are liver, kidneys, pasture butter, eggs, oily fish; cod liver oil, and less in chili peppers, dandelion root, carrots, apricots, collard greens, kale, sweet potatoes, parsley, spinach, mustard greens, mangoes, Hubbard squash, cantaloupe, and broccoli.
  • Support Your Immune System: Did you know that your skin is your largest immune support organ? Woman walking in sunsetThat means that you might need more zinc. It’s in every cell of the body and is essential for more than 200 functions in the body, with high concentrations in the skin. Try anywhere from 40-120 mg daily if you show signs of zinc deficiency (high stress, poor immune function, skin conditions, poor appetite, joints popping, cracking or aching, poor sense of smell or taste, etc.) It is needed for protein synthesis, proper growth and for hormone balance. Food sources include oysters, pumpkin seeds, ginger root, pecans, split peas, Brazil nuts, almonds, walnuts, green peas and other veggies in very small amounts.
  • Skin, Bones and Immune Function – they go together! Vitamin D3 with K work synergistically with Vitamin A to promote healthy immune function, thyroid hormone utilization, healthy skin and much more.
  • Build Collagen! It gives our skin a more youthful, softer and resilient look and feel, and also prevents the absorption and spreading of pathogenic substances…and guess what? Vitamin C is the magic nutrient for building collagen. It’s essential for the manufacture of collagen and is essential for immune function. Food sources are citrus, red chili peppers, guavas, red sweet peppers, kale leaves, parsley, collard greens, turnip greens, broccoli and Brussels sprouts.
  • Eat Collagen: One quality brand is Great Lakes… it makes sense to eat what we might be lacking in our skin. It provides more of the amino acids glycine, lysine and proline which generate cell growth much more quickly.
  • One more Collagen Support Nutrient is silicon. It is essential for collagen synthesis and can be found in root vegetables and unrefined whole grains.
  • Metabolize & Utilize Your Proteins and Fats Better for skin rejuvenation and plumpness…through the use of Biotin. It’s a B vitamin that functions in the manufacture and utilization of fats and amino acids so is essential for providing the ready-to-use building blocks for the skin. Food sources are organ meats, peanut butter, walnuts, pecans and oatmeal.
  • Add a Touch of Sweet in the form of N-acetyl-D-glucosamine. It’s a great nutrient for helping aging skin and is essential for healthy digestive function. We can make hyaluronic acid from it, which assists joint lubrication, disc hydration, eye health and skin health. If we are low in N-acetyl-D-glucosamine we can get dry eyes, mouth, skin and lips. It is also used to make collagen and it can prevent the breakdown of skin collagen and accelerated skin aging, lowering inflammation in the skin. It’s sweet and can be added to your favorite drink.
  • Take Your Multi! Our skin gets ugly when we are lacking the essential building blocks to be healthy. Take a multivitamin that contains all of the vitamins and minerals needed for our bodies to function well because all nutrients play some role in keeping our skin healthy and as we age we become much more nutrient dependent.
  • Drink Mighty Maca™ Plus! Dr Cabeca drinking Maca smoothieThis superfood drink contains everything your body and skin need to be healthy (and just as importantly, does not contain things that are bad for you such as preservatives, artificial coloring, gluten, dairy, eggs or peanuts). Loaded with alkalizing antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, Omega 3s and detoxifiers. Check out the ingredients and testimonials!
  • Stay Moist Baby! Moist skin is beautiful skin. Take your fish oil/Omega 3s… one high in DHA and EPA with lipase (you’ll need some extra support to break it down) to keep inflammation down and to be moist, everywhere. Yummy!
  • A Secret Topical (& Tropical!) Oil…Macadamia nut oil is great for aging skin because it contains two different fats: 1) oleic acid – a great antioxidant for fighting free radicals that damage our skin, and 2) palmitoleic acid that is naturally found in young skin, that soothes, moisturizes and encourages tissues to regenerate. Use it as your moisturizer for hands, and other parts of the body.
  • Get Hydrated… Yes, dehydration is stressful and very drying, and will create unwanted inflammation doing major damage to your skin. Drink ½ your body weight in ounces of purified water daily.
  • Oooo, Yes! Pleasure is an essential nutrient, too! Your blood sugar will stay balanced better, inflammation will be lower and your attitude will be one of joy and happiness instead of frustration and those negative thoughts that age us quickly. (Hint: drink Mighty Maca to help rev up your libido! And try my Julva® feminine cream to address any vaginal dryness or other issues that can impact your interest and pleasure…!)

What’s Good for the Inside is Good for the Outside

So think antioxidants in your skin care products from whole, real food. Vitamins and minerals topically that are good internally, adrenal support externally for hormone balance, immune support (since our skin is our largest immune system organ) and mild exfoliants from fruits that remove the top layer of dead skin cells to reveal the new beautiful cells underneath.

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Dr. Anna Cabeca

Dr. Anna Cabeca

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