Still Hot! And I’m Talking About More Than The Flashing, Ladies!

I had to laugh the other day when I had a hot flash at the hairdressers and I was able to actually get it on video!!

I even posted it. Did you see the video? Check it out here

Make your menopause one of intimacy and hormone health

Lots of women have responded to me personally about the video. And it generated a lot of dialogue relating to just how impacting hot flashes can be.

They can embarrass you (if you let them!). They can make you uncomfortable. And they can make you feel a little less than the “Hot Sexy Mama” you really are!

But they are a natural part of menopause.

So, remember YOUR hot flash triggers! Is your trigger food sensitivities, refined sugars and simple carbs (the white processed stuff!), caffeine, alcohol and/or stress? A little prevention can really help.

You can read much more about natural remedies for hot flashes here.

And educate yourself on all of the other natural changes that can happen as you progress through menopause, including all of the changes that can occur with your sexual health (you know, “down there”). In particular, vaginal dryness, discomfort during sex or while doing your favorite things (horseback riding!) and even those embarrassing leaks.

And don’t forget that your menopause journey is about a lot of positive things as well – beyond the flashing and other “feminine parts” discomforts!

What?! Positive things about menopause?


Menopause is about a whole new journey opening up for you.

Haven’t you ever noticed that women gain an incredible, sexy confidence as they age? It is true!!! And we also take on a new-found independence…kids may be out of the nest (or soon to be), some of us may return to work for the first time since having kids, or maybe we finally get to retire!!!

There are many new opportunities and freedoms (including no more periods! Yeh!) during this time.

Many of my menopausal patients find that they are finally in a place in their life where they can focus on things that feed their spirit rather than tending to everyone else’s needs. Perhaps taking on a previous or new-found passion, like one of my clients, Sylvie, who after being a flight attendant for many years, fulfilled her lifelong dream of taking flying lessons!!!

The hormonal and neurotransmitter shifts that occur during menopause also provide an opportunity for what I refer to as, “energized enlightenment.”  This is a time to focus on enlivening the spirit that glows within each of us.

Menopause can be a journey of spiritual growth

Listen to an ancient story of the Andean people a wonderful tale that I first heard when I traveled to the mountains of Machu Picchu many years ago. It is a story of the spiritual journey we each take in our lives. A journey that likely involves healing and that certainly involves spiritual growth.

The story uses a triad of totems: a snake, puma and condor.

condor represents spiritual growth during menopause, and health

Such a beautiful story about how we transform ourselves as we age! How like the snake, we shed the past and renew ourselves.

Like the puma, we are on a solo journey. Yes, connected to a community, but our path is an individual one.  Our journey cannot be compared to others.

And like the condor, as we age we gain more insight and freedoms! The Incans believed the condor was the only bird strong enough to fly up to the heavens and deliver messages to God!

We all need to take this journey and become the condor!

You can learn more about how to help your own menopause journey here on my website and blog, where I will be talking about hot flashes, vaginal atrophy issues (dryness, irritation, pain during intercourse and incontinence), keeping your hormones in balance, becoming spiritually fulfilled, and much more.

Also, here's a free webjam on hormones and sexual health.

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Dr. Anna Cabeca

Dr. Anna Cabeca

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