Age Before Beauty

Dr Cabeca's Dad

We just celebrated my father’s 90th birthday and we are so grateful that he is doing so well!

Yes, he’s mentally sharp, funny, and still able to maintain his few vices!

17 years ago when Mom passed away we worried and hovered… but he claimed his independence.

A few years later when he was 79, we  were told, “he’s lived a good life….” as his health was deteriorating.

Thankfully, he allowed me, and I interceded into his medical care, and I am so grateful for the knowledge I’ve had in functional medicine and hormone therapy that has helped him so much.

Each day, I am more blessed to see his tireless spirit, passion for life and “joie de vivre.”

One of his secrets is: “Take joy in the little things!”

So I say to you. “Take joy in the little things and enjoy joie de vivre!”

Our spirit never ages!

P.S. I am off to the International College of Integrative Medicine’s conference in Atlanta, “It’s a Gut Feeling,” this weekend. I will be presenting on, “Hot Topics in Sexual Health” on March 4th. Can’t wait to hear the latest and greatest on how our gut health impacts our brain and overall health. Will report back!

P.S.S. As my father would say…”as long as I can get a good night’s sleep, I’m good”. So many of us struggle, I know…so I wanted to remind people of my Balance Cream. It balances hormones and helps with stress, mood and sleep! It also is part of my VIP program, so if you are already a VIP you can save on every order of my cream as well as Mighty Maca Plus.

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Dr. Anna Cabeca

Dr. Anna Cabeca

Certified OB/GYN, Anti-Aging and Integrative Medicine expert and founder of The Girlfriend Doctor. During Dr. Anna’s health journey, she turned to research to create products to help thousands of women through menopause, hormones, and sexual health. She is the author of best-selling The Hormone Fix, and Keto-Green 16 and MenuPause.

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