Thyroid Health Solutions with Elle Russ - Navigating Individualized Thyroid Treatments and What to Avoid


Today on The Girlfriend Doctor, Elle Russ, author of The Paleo Thyroid Solution, joins us to discuss thyroid health. Elle has condensed years of knowledge from treating her own hypothyroidism to help women struggling to diagnose, treat or manage their thyroid health. Your Thyroid gland is integral to regulating everything from your sex hormones, metabolism and your endocrine system. Unfortunately, most conventional doctors are decades behind on the leading thyroid treatments and often make detrimental mistakes when treating patients. 

You know your body better than any doctor could hope to with labs and testing. While there are general ranges for healthy hormones, every person has different needs that require specialized testing and individualized treatment. There is no “one size fits all” for thyroid treatment and many doctors are treating patients with an antiquated TSH protocol that is leaving patients in worse condition than they started at. If you feel worse after receiving hormone treatments, it’s a good sign to stop and find a functional doctor who has a better understanding of thyroid health. 

Sometimes, the simplest changes have a huge impact. Some patients may need permanent hormone replacements while others have cured Hashimoto’s by detoxing and changing their diet. Ultimately, your health depends on your intuition and finding the right balance for you. In this episode, Elle teaches you everything you need to know to take your health into your own hands so you can detox, rebalance and start feeling whole again.



[3:30] The first signs of perimenopause that can be confused with thyroid issues 

[5:00] The frustration of finding a doctor equipped to treat hypothyroidism

[7:50] Inadequate thyroid hormones leads to accelerated aging, PCOS, and infertility

[9:00] Often times hypothyroidism manifests gynecologically in women

[11:00] Many doctors are misinterpreting labs and worsening patients conditions

[14:00] The outdated TSH protocol that is keeping patients sick today

[20:20] Optimal ranges of thyroid hormones to look for on your labs

[23:00] Sometimes all you need is diet and lifestyle changes!

[28:20] Its normal for your thyroid hormone needs to change seasonally and with lifestyle 

[32:40] Black mold and heavy metals are dangerous triggers for hypothyroidism

[36:00] Oral care has a profound impact on your heart, brain, breast and overall health

[38:00] High fibrinogen levels accelerates edging and can be treated with systemic enzymes 



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“Someone could show up on a testosterone test and have testosterone at the top of the range but still need testosterone! We can test the keys not the locks, so someone also might need to be a little bit higher in range for them to feel good.”  [21:55]

“You could be extra stressed, you could be dealing with heavy metals and all the things you do to clean up your patients, you could be going through some of that. Just need a life detox. There are people that have solved Hashimoto's by just changing their diet! I’ve had people come to me and all they needed was iron!” [23:30]

“The compounding pharmacy is the place to go today. What doctors do you know that you like that prescribe T14 and T3 compounded?That is probably going to be a doctor who knows more.”  [40:45]


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Dr. Anna Cabeca

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