No Problems, Just Challenges!

Celebrating dad’s 90th birthday I kept thinking about the attributes that may have attributed to his still being with us today sanely and joyfully. Sure, he has a doctor in the family who dotes on him (yeah me!)! But I believe his sense of humor has been key. So I asked him about what things he thought may have attributed to his having a long life.

Dad told me, “Anna, I haven’t had any problems in my life. I have good genes! I have two aunts that lived to be a hundred.”

The reality is that his parents died at 55 and 72 y.o from cancer, and he is the oldest brother and has survived all of them, may they rest in peace. He’s been in World War II, lost his only love of his life, my mother, after 37 years of marriage; his only grandson, and is now on dialysis.

So for dad none of these are problems, just challenges.

I've not had problems just challenges 

You probably witness, like I do, a tremendous positive attitude here; looking on the bright side, and finding joy in the little things. Words to live by!

I was blessed to be at a medical conference this weekend of integrative physicians. Real trailblazers who are looking to go to the source of the issues versus treating the symptoms, and creating a wave to change the standard of care of medicine that we experience today. They are bravely facing the “challenges” of health care.

It was really an honor to be among them, and I was immensely honored, as well, to be a speaker. I commend and support what they’re doing.

Dr Cabeca at a medical conferenceDr. Ellie Campbell, was the chairman of the organization committee and moderator, and is one of my dearest friends. She certainly is the ideal physician , and I wish everyone could see her.

Here I am with Alan Green M.D., Michaela McKenzie, DDS, David Haase, M.D., and Ellie Campbell, DO.

And below, here I am with expert fitness trainer and nutrition and life coach Mindy Lee Jones. Mindy is a huge Mighty Maca advocate as well!

Dr Cabeca with fitness trainerAs we focus on The Positive, enjoy the little things that we can be grateful for, and the big things, too, as we make it through just another one of life’s little challenge. To quote from one of my favorite children’s books We’re Going On A Bear Hunt:

“We can’t go over it. 

We can’t go under it. 


We have to go through it!”

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Dr. Anna Cabeca

Dr. Anna Cabeca

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