My Worst “Single Mother’s Day” Ever!

Being a mom starts with a heap of faith and as it says in the bible, to that add goodness, to that knowledge and then patience and perseverance. And boy, they should’ve said ‘a lot of patience’ and ‘a lot of perseverance’! But this has served me well and now all four of my daughters will be with me this Mother’s Day and all are doing really, really well. I’m so proud of who they have become.

Yup. Despite my flaws and mess ups too!

Mother's Day Blessings

Reflections of my Worst Single Mother’s Day Ever…

Yes, I am definitely not a perfect mom (my daughters would likely agree) and sometimes have found myself measuring my “mom-hood” abilities to my own mom (who WAS perfect and who I miss so much each and every day, especially on Mother’s Day)!…And on that note…I wanted to share my worst single Mother’s Day ever with you…

Listen in to the short video and give yourself a few minutes break from whatever task you are doing at the moment! In the video I talk about my struggles one particular mom’s day…and was just really throwing myself a Mother’s Day pity party from under the covers!

Maybe you will be able to relate…

My message to All on this Mother’s Day

So my prayer and wish for you this Mother’s Day is that you feel love and peace with a good dose of laughter and self-care because you are so precious, and know that you are loved.

If you are not a mom, I’m betting you are a caring person who makes other’s lives better in some way (it is in our genes to do so!). So take Mother’s Day “off” and give yourself a loving hug as well.

Here’s my mom’s day blessing that I just journaled…

God, you’ve called me to be a mom. Please show me the way to be a heavenly mother. May I give my children grace and clarity and guidance to be strong, bold, confident, filled with grace and beauty, and to look up to you and to be in this world but not of it. You are so good God. Please connect me with my girls in such healthy ways so I can lead them and guide them upright and protect their hearts. God gift us all with your discernment. Psalm 51 verse 10 says, create in me a clean heart o God and renew a steadfast spirit within me.

A Beautiful Story You Might like to Read

In the above video I also talk about a beautiful religious story relating to trauma and life’s challenges. I pass it along to you as these types of stories inspire and motivate me, allowing me to move into my day hopeful and encouraged. .

My own references to religion and God will undoubtedly reflect my lifelong journey in the Christian tradition, yet I do not presume to know the only avenue of truth. I pray that we respect each other’s points of view, and foundations of faith. Let us encourage each other to give freely and love purely.

Check out the story, here

Giving from Ourselves Helps our Own Heart!

Also, one thing I do when I’m feeling down is think, what can I do or say to someone else to make them smile? Maybe it’s a call to wish a happy mom’s day, or to give a helping hand.

When we give from ourselves, it does help our heart. In the above blog that I wrote for the GVB foundation this month, I write about a single mom of the Bible and although she wanted to die and give up, she had faith and perseveres and raised a good man.

Not many people really think about Hagar and her son, Ishmael, but what a story. Oh my gosh. I encourage you to read it on the foundation’s site, here.


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