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    From Stressed To Blessed

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    At this time last year, I was experiencing an intense grieving and time of loneliness.

    Some of you may remember my blogs on “Empty Chairs” and “Good Grief, Charlie Brown“.

    So much can happen in a year and I want to share with you a few of the fundamental practices I have adopted, that I really credit with helping me go from STRESSED TO BLESSED!

    Being a single mom, career-oriented, sole financial source, relied on by so many and dealing with my own multi-levels of grief, I felt loaded down and burdened without a clear vision of “a way out” or up. But with a lot of prayer, faith, and a great inner circle of friends I found my way into a beautiful level of peace and joy.

    I can truly say “All is now well with my soul.

    I would like to share with you the key fundamental practices that have helped me,

    • Build a solid foundation for my body, mind and spirit…and has allowed me to…
    • Build loving relationships, as well.

    My three key fundamental practices are: 

    1. Audience of One: I intellectually and intentionally chose to act, behave and believe in a way consistent with God’s purposes for me as if he is my only audience. (People pleasers out there unite!) I then started to see clearly how many directions I was being pulled in and how my focus on what was truly the most important things in my life was blurred. I began to have clarity, pause, and focused direction. With this came peace.

    2. Take the one next right step: It starts with this question: What is the one next right step I can take today? Whether it is toward my purposes, goals, commitments, relationships, etc. Prioritize and do just the one next right step. For me, this kept me from looking back. I know many people have traumas, griefs, pain, and sickness as have I. Looking back has a way of pulling us back. God gave us eyes in front of our face to look forward not back as I like to say.

    I started stepping into the present each day, being aware of and grateful for all of the good around me, and taking the one next right step.

    I encourage you to read other important articles in my blog to help you determine YOUR next right step.

    3. Eye of the storm: When you are in the eye of the storm it is a state of peace and calm. But while there is still havoc around and the oceans are still deep, the practice and discipline are to remain unattached to it. There is a lot of peace and joy in this place and it required me to give God all my burdens. What a relief that truly is.

    So within this holiday season, or any time of year (!), I encourage you to try even one of these three practices and share with me how it affects you or shares a principle that you follow.

    Dr. Anna Cabeca

    Dr. Anna Cabeca

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