162: The Six Habits to Happiness, Joy, and Success w/ Laura DiBenedetto

These six mental habits will help you choose to live a life of happiness and joy every single day! I’m joined by Laura DiBenedetto, author of The Six Habits, to talk about how she discovered these habits and puts them into practice - and why you should, too.

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Key Takeaways

6 Mental Habits to True Happiness

  1. Kindness 
  2. Acceptance 
  3. Radical Gratitude
  4. Presence
  5. Goodness
  6. Intention

About Laura DiBenedetto

TEDx Speaker, #1 Bestselling author of The Six Habits and Life Mastery Coach, Laura DiBenedetto teaches how to create the life of our dreams without sacrificing what we love. As Founder and CEO of Vision Advertising, a company that she built aged 19, she has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs build and grow profitable enterprises entirely on their terms.

Choosing Joy and Success for YOU

Laura DiBenedetto brings such a joyous conversation today that I am only too glad to share with you. She talks about how she started her professional life by looking to other people for what success means. She pushed herself to be successful to please her parents, her colleagues, and other people…

But what she really found was that in order to truly feel successful, she needed to do it for herself. It doesn’t matter how full your resume is if you’re miserable - what makes you happy?

You also have to learn to give yourself permission to make decisions from an adult point of view, rather than the 10-year-old you who formed a lot of your initial beliefs. As you age, of course, your views and beliefs will change. Laura says you have to give yourself the space to examine what they are now.

The Six Mental Habits to Happiness

Laura explains why and how she started researching the mental habits of the happiest people on earth. It’s about practicing kindness to yourself, acceptance of yourself, radical gratitude always, being present, knowing goodness, and setting good intentions. 

Laura says you might have a good grasp of some of these habits, but if there’s one spot you’re lacking, focus on that one first. She knows how difficult it can be to practice kindness to yourself. Laura gives some great examples of what this could look like for you.

Finally, Laura talks about why it’s so important to walk the path of truth. Being truthful and honest, even when it’s hard, is one of the kindest acts you can do for yourself and for other people.

Rank the things are and aren’t working in your life. What do you care about? What are you scared about?

As always, you can ask me anything and let me hear your thoughts in the comments below. If you have questions, email team@drannacabeca.com.


In This Episode

  • Why you have to chase success for yourself, not anyone else [5:00]
  • How to give yourself permission to make decisions from an adult point of view [11:30]
  • Why you need to adopt these 6 habits so you can feel true happiness [15:00]
  • What it looks like to practice kindness to yourself [22:00]
  • What happens when you walk the path of truth [32:00]



“Who cares how great your resume is. If you’re miserable, it doesn’t matter.” [5:06]

“We make so many decisions from a place of passion and fear, but more often than not, it’s fear.” [12:49]

“Pursuing our dreams because of joy should not be rare. Pursuing wealth because of fun and because it’s great to have nice things and do for others should not be rare.” [15:01]

“I will tell you right now, each of us, you, me, anyone that’s listening: You are already good at some of these habits. They might need tweaking but you’re already good in some of them. You might even be great at one or two. You need to figure out which one is causing you the most pain, put out the biggest fire, and start there. The order is not my prescription, it’s yours.” [28:34]


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