They thought I was crazy, but they trusted me…

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Hurricane Matthew photo courtesy Red Cross.

What a crazy month this has been!

The threat of hurricane Matthew… then mandatory evacuation…

Couldn’t return home for days… the unknown awaiting us when we eventually were allowed to check out how well our homes survived….

My family and friends are all safe, thankfully.

But the story continues for many, me included, certainly minor in all comparisons, but disruptive and draining none the less.


Arriving home after we were allowed to return to the island I live on, St. Simons Island, finding, thankfully, most everything is dry and safe as I walk in the bottom floor (I live in a 4 story townhome, end unit, rental by the beach)…

Then things start to smell funky as I walk up the stairs…  Ok, everything in the fridge will have to be tossed, I cringe as I think about all my lovely grass fed beef and bones that I’d stocked up on from a farmer…. On the second floor there is now evidence of water on the kitchen floor and counter tops, kind of a gross coffee color, but it didn’t seem to come from the windows, all those were sealed and dry, very, very strange.  I continued on my journey up the stairs to my room which is now smelling wet, musty, and dare I say, of mildew.  The windows are all still sealed and dry, but the floor is wet….in the middle of the room!  How bizarre!  Closet floors are wet too but the balcony door areas are dry!  Ok.


The mystery continues… 

I find the same thing on the fourth floor but not as bad as the third.  Ok, now more bizarre is that over the next week, the water gets worse instead of drying, even though we thankfully have not had more rain.  What a mystery right?  Apparently, water can come through the walls.  The hurricane wind drove the torrential rain sideways into the stucco and joists.  And apparently, this has been an issue for a while, moisture getting into the house with heavy rains… which means, and what simply pulling back carpet and walls revealed…



Fortunately, I know what to do in this instance and that is get out! But to where!  So I have currently been trying to figure this out and Ava (my daughter), Sandy (my dog) and I have been moving about a bit … kind of homeless..

In a recent podcast with Dr. Amy Meyers we talk about mold toxicity and immunity and thyroid health.  I find out she has moved 6 times over the past few months amidst running a practice and writing her new best selling book on Thyroid health. Listen in to this great discussion here.

I am familiar with mold’s deadly link to diseases and do recommend this website:, which gives great insight.  Libby Carter, NP, who is a fantastic practitioner and worked with me for years, is our area expert and she insisted that I take the Visual acuity test they offer, which I did, and failed.  Quite fascinating really.


A few months ago, I was speaking at a conference in Texas and a couple asked me a few questions.  We were in a large group. Apparently I had told them emphatically that something in their environment was making them sick and they needed to test for mold asap.  Well, truthfully, sometimes my intuition can be quite strong and persistent as can I…

Well, the wife called me just this week and said:

“We thought you were crazy, but we trusted you.”


I had to laugh out loud at that one! “Not the first time I was thought crazy!”

She said that when they returned home to New Hampshire they proceeded to test their home for mold as I’d suggested and the results they found were astonishing. They had mold in the ceiling and vents over their bed where they slept.

Truthfully, this could be the predominant underlying root cause to their health struggles, difficulty with weight loss, and hormone imbalance.


I recommend QuickSilver Glutathione (best on the market) and our Keto-Green® Detox Caps and my 16 day detox to start.  This will optimize GI function and decrease inflammation. Follow all my core foundational health principles in my Breeze through Menopause program and my Restorative Health Method ebook.

And have your doctor prescribe Cholestyramine…. It will bind and assist in safely eliminating mold from your body….

Looking forward to what next week will bring! In the meantime, very grateful for the health and safety of my family.

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Dr. Anna Cabeca

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