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Feel optimal
Who are we to tell someone: “Well, that’s just normal for your age.” 


What Is Normal Anyway? 

“Normal” is taken to be 80% of the population. Normal is 8 out of 10 people walking into Walmart and in 2015, that’s not looking too healthy. Who are you to accept that?

Shame on you if you do! That goes against your birthright. Anyway, since when did these “normals” become acceptable?


Do You Want To Be Normal Or Do You Want To Be Optimal?

Optimal of course, or you wouldn’t be reading this!

One thing I have learned from my greater than 20 years of medical practice is that people surprise me! Yes, they do!

I had a beautiful woman in my practice who is a social worker. She had struggled with energy, fatigue, aches, and pains for years. After a short few months of working with me, she rejuvenated and a year later took a new job in New Mexico as a social worker. Something she had wanted to do for decades. Why did she surprise me? Because she was 82 years young!

I had another woman who had come into my practice with the same complaints. I had just finished my first sprint triathlon and had some brag photos in my waiting room. When she came in she congratulated me on my success and said, “I could never do that, I am too old!” My mouth literally dropped because she was four years younger than me.

Too Many People Are Aging Before Their Time. Are You?

Seriously, if you are feeling OLD, please ask yourself why. Often there are limiting beliefs that have no truth based on human potential or human design.

Your feeling OLD could be due to:

  • Diet lacking in nourishment. quality and substance
  • Sugar (or other vices, such as alcohol or smoking)
  • Food sensitivities
  • Toxins (in your food, environment…even your skin care products)
  • Hormones
  • Inflammation
  • Stress
  • Societal “norms” – you’re expected to be old, so you feel old – but inside there’s that voice saying “Inside I am a spring chicken!”

Our bodies are a temple to our God-given spirit, and our spirit is timeless and holds dear the dreams of our youth and our design.

What have you been designed to do? What’s holding you back?

The first thing you absolutely must know and believe is that wherever you are in life, whatever age, or state of health, YOU can be better, and you can be better in a short amount of time!

Here are some of my pearls, disciplines, and practices:

  • Biology drives behavior
  • When you understand this, your actions and cravings start to make sense
  • Thoughts become things
  • Focus on the positive and speak in the positive
  • Reset your circadian rhythm to get a good nights sleep
  • To balance your hormones, you must sleep!
  • Enjoy sunsets and sunrises
  • Eat healthy fats and proteins
  • The right kinds of fats are really good for us, such as olive oil, coconut oil, nut oils, butter from free-range grass-fed cows – yum!
  • Also, salmon, oysters, sardines, avocado, nuts
  • Pause, breathe and smile
  • Have Mighty Maca each day (ok – I just had to add that one in)

Let’s get back to our nature and design. It is undeniably brilliant.

Dr. Christiane Northrup says: 

“Getting older is a reality, aging, however, is optional.”


Dr. Anna Cabeca
Dr. Anna Cabeca

Dr. Anna is a Triple Board Certified OB/GYN and Anti-Aging Medicine expert who helps women heal the 9 most dreadful symptoms of menopause with natural, safe solutions. Follow her for content on hormonal imbalances, vaginal dryness, menopause (and more) that are medically backed, and created to empower women — not just treat them.

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