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    I’m a toned size 12, and at 5’ 9,” I’m at my happy weight, just under 140. But every now and then, parts of my body – namely my tummy, fingers, and ankles – mysteriously swell up. My slacks or skirts or skirts feel tight, and it’s hard to remove my rings.
    • 5 min read
    We don’t usually associate the two, but they are very interrelated. The hormones most associated with exercise and muscle are insulin, cortisol, and oxytocin (the three master hormones), plus glucagon, growth hormone, estrogen, and testosterone.
    • 9 min read
    One gynecological topic that I get a lot of questions about is relating to hysterectomies. More specifically, how does having a hysterectomy impact a woman’s hormones and what can women do to reduce side effects and lingering symptoms after having a hysterectomy procedure; but also, should a woman even have a hysterectomy in the first place?
    • 19 min read
    Take a peek inside my medicine cabinet, and you’ll see very few expensive skin lotions and potions. Over the past several years, I’ve become very aware that our day-to-day skincare products are laced with potent chemicals that are linked to skin irritations, hormone problems, and cancer.
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    Happy Mother’s Day, beautiful! This day was established over 100 years ago to honor mothers everywhere. And that’s exactly what my four daughters did for me last Mother’s Day! They surprised me with an Arabian Nights-themed party, complete with a tent set up on the beach, beautiful pillows on the sand, Mediterranean finger food, lemonade, and champagne. I was so touched, and it was a special day I will hold in my heart for a lifetime.
    • 5 min read
    If you’ve been struggling with weight gain, fatigue, and unwholesome cravings, may I suggest a strategy of drinking more? Sounds like fun, right? But I should make it clear that it’s water, not alcohol, that I have in mind!
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    The start of a new year is often seen as a golden opportunity to improve our quality of life by changing an undesired trait or behavior that we see in ourselves.

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    I was awarded the Impact Award for Innovator of the Year at this year’s Mindshare Summit in San Diego, California.

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    Get These Toxins Out! DIY Time!

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    Tips for Healthy Outdoor Cooking

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    Simple things we can do to keep this year our best, healthiest and joyous year ever
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    Learn the daily, doable, simple ways to get healthier.
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