My Morning Routine

As you may know, I believe a consistent morning routine sets you up for a better day. Over the years, I’ve shared about the things that I prioritize in the morning— gratitude, meditation, sunlight, prayer — and explained how they benefit my mind, body, and spirit.

Lately, many of you have asked about my morning routine – specifically how I take supplements and medications. So, here it is, step by step. Keep scrolling to read it, or watch this short video:

Starting in a fasted state

I start the morning in a fasted state. The first thing I take is my thyroid supplement.This supplement is a combination of T4 and T3. I take this on an empty stomach in the morning and then wait at least 30 minutes to an hour before I eat anything else and or drink coffee.  I then typically take my bioidentical hormones. I have these compounded into troches, which dissolve between the cheek and gum. A little bit goes a long way.

A scoop of Mighty Maca®

The second thing I do in the morning is take a scoop of Mighty Maca®Plus. My Mighty Maca is made of organic Peruvian Maca with 30 super foods – that includes cat’s claw herb, turmeric, quercetin, resveratrol, Vitamin C, and many more. It also has greens and enzymes in it. It's just an amazing hormone balancer, gives you tremendous adrenal support, and is also supports decreasing inflammation. So this combination was created to do all three of those things: hormone balance, and inflammation and adrenal support. 

Tip: I often put a tablespoon or so of apple cider vinegar and or lemon juice and call it my morning elixir. That helps with digestion and blood sugar balance even more.

Supplements & Hormones

When I'm getting ready to break my fast, I take my supplements and and I use Julva® every morning – for my lower lips and Julva® Kiss for my upper lips. It has DHEA and plant stem cells from the alpine rose in it. So it's very therapeutic and works to age-reverse that important tissue. 

I take my supplements with a meal, which consists of a multivitamin with Albion micronutrients and chelated minerals, Vitamin C, CoQ10 Ubiquinol (a very highly absorbable form of CoQ 10), as well as a tendon support supplement, and Keto-Green enzymes

Then, midday or evening, I take my evening pack, which is again, multivitamins and minerals. I also add L-carnitine in it to help with metabolism and mitochondrial function, as well as Vitamin C, CoQ10 and more enzymes and support. These packets are my Superwoman Packs. If I need it, I take my menopause support supplement which is the Mighty Maca Plus in capsules.

That is it! Easy peasy. I will often rotate supplements with seasons as well, typically increasing vitamin D in winter for example.  

Members of my Girlfriend Doctor Club have the opportunity to discuss their vitamin regimens with me. I invite you to join us.


Dr. Anna


Hormones are a complex subject and I have so much to teach and support you with. My recommendation for your empowerment is to:  

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