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Dr Anna's MenuPause Book

With my new book MenuPause, you have 5 new Keto-Green based plans from which to choose. Each one is only 6 days long – and I know you can do anything for 6 days, right?

Also, each plan has a specific goal, including overcoming weight loss resistance, pausing from animal products, detoxing, eliminating all carbs for a quick fat burn, and adding good carbs back into your diet. But the common denominator is that they are all based on Keto-Green nutrition.

Keto-Green is a combination of ketogenic eating and alkaline nutrition. 

There’s no question that going keto works. This strict high-fat/low-carb diet denies the body glucose as a main source of energy and instead promotes the production and use of ketone bodies as fuel. It’s a great way to move you off a weight plateau, gain willpower, lose those last stubborn 10 pounds, and get results fast. But going keto also often results in gastrointestinal discomfort, low energy, and moodiness—known as the “keto flu”—which makes the diet hard to sustain. 

My solution is adding in alkaline foods—leafy greens, other vegetables, broths, healthy oils, nuts, and seeds—for a lifestyle that produces rapid fat loss, trims belly fat, and yields a total body transformation – including hormonal balance, which is so important at mid-life.

By going Keto-Green with any of my plans, what kind of results can you expect? Rather than answering that question myself, let’s hear from members of my Keto-Green community.

Barbara R. I lost a total of 17 pounds, gained my energy and health back, and a positive outlook on myself and my health. So many people in my life have asked me about what I’m doing. They say, ‘You look so good! Your skin looks so healthy!’

I have had some “splurge days” just eating a little bit of foods I normally stay away from, but in general I have continued to follow the eating habits and feel my best when I do. My husband recently started the program as well. I still have some weight to lose, but I don’t feel overwhelmed or discouraged. I continue to feel as though this diet is my new normal to continue to keep myself in good health.

Mary H. I started Keto-Green, hoping to conquer my overeating cravings, regulate my hormones for better sleep, and decrease my hair loss and grouchiness. I did not like the way the weight graph was heading!

How has this program changed me? I have a new way of thinking: about the importance of eating real, nourishing food and maintaining a lifestyle that looks after my well-being on all levels-physically, emotionally, and environmentally. I had considered all these important before the program, but now have much more fully and successfully made changes that optimize my health, energy, and stress levels (no more stress-related food cravings). I don't think there is anything like this program: it is worth all the time and effort you can put into it! It has certainly relieved my menopause symptoms.

Lynn B. I've worked with many different programs over the years, but none has had the effect that Keto-Green had on me. It was new and interesting. I started it to sort out my hormones, and I ended up with a whole mind-body and spiritual overhaul. 

With Keto-Green, the first improvement was my energy level, and I just felt healthier. I have a chronic condition that left me feeling like I had flu most days. My body loves the keto plus alkaline approach, and it really helped. 

Next, there was the weight loss. I had ballooned up 10 pounds. Since going Keto-Green though, all that excess weight literally melted away, plus another couple of pounds. I was barely eating carbs anyway, so the ketosis element was quick and painless for me to achieve. The alkaline aspect was more challenging, but what a difference... I just know when I'm in or out of being alkaline now, it's amazing – and life-changing. I'm so much more positive about my recovery and I credit the program for most of that.

If you’re interested in experiencing the results these women have had, order your copy of Menupause now and start improving your weight and health, plus balancing your hormones. You can also get a taste of some of the recipes in this ebook: Recipes for Menopause.

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Dr. Anna Cabeca

Dr. Anna Cabeca

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