25 Acts of Kindness to Make Your Holiday More Meaningful

Acts of kindness are one of my love languages. And there’s no better time than the holidays to think about how we can be of service to others, right? After all, Christmas is a time when the spirit of giving takes center stage. But you don’t have to just focus on buying things for the people you want to appreciate this time of year. 

What if you were to embrace the spirit of giving simply by engaging in acts of kindness for others?

And what if these acts of kindness made Christmas more meaningful as a result? What if when you experience meaning and joy and abundant love — that food for your soul improves your health? 

This is something I’m exploring this year, and I’d love to have you join along with me!

What Are Random Acts Of Kindness?

Random acts of kindness are spontaneous little gestures that are intended to brighten someone's day or make a positive impact in their life. Acts of kindness can range from something simple to something grander, depending on the impression you want to make. 

Random acts of kindness are meant to be a small surprise for someone you know — or a complete stranger. 

Here are a couple of acts of kindness ideas:

  1. Leave Positive Notes: You can stick a little note in a random place for a stranger to find. Or maybe paint a rock with an uplifting message and leave it on a walking trail. 

  2. Pay It Forward: Offer to pay for the person behind you in line at the drive-thru, or give a small gift card to someone entering the coffee shop you’re leaving.

  3. Just Be Helpful: Hold the door for someone, carry their groceries, or offer your seat to a stranger.

No act of kindness is too small! In fact, I’d argue the smaller the act, the better. That way it doesn’t feel like a huge burden to try. Just a tiny little show of kindness can completely change someone else’s day and it can make you feel amazing, too. 

And once you see how great it feels to do these small kind gestures for people, you don’t want to stop. 

How To Make Christmas More Meaningful

I absolutely love Christmas. The lights. The decorations. The anticipation of watching someone I love open the gift I picked out for them.

But, sometimes, the stress of it all just gets to you, you know? Because it takes a lot of work from all of the amazing women in this world to make that Christmas magic happen. 

And sometimes, because it is so much work, we tend to let the hustle and bustle of it all become the focus. We get distracted from what makes Christmas meaningful. 

What really makes the holidays so special are those moments of joy and connection with those we love — and small acts of kindness can just amplify those moments.

Kindness At Christmas

Luckily, the holiday season presents us with so many amazing opportunities to practice kindness.

From family to strangers to your local public servants — Christmas is a perfect time to reach out and create a little bit of holiday cheer.

25 Days Of Kindness Acts Of Christmas

Have you heard of the 25 Days of Christmas acts of kindness? A few years ago, the police department in the small town of Holden, Maine asked its officers to go out of their way to do something small for the residents in their town. Maybe shovel snow for someone or check in on an elderly resident. 

The informal event was such a success that it’s turned into a yearly tradition and has grown every time. Residents of Holden raise tens of thousands of dollars each year and businesses donate food, gift cards, and services as part of the annual program.

I find this kind of generosity and compassion at Christmas so inspiring! And I’d love for everyone reading this to start their own acts of kindness at Christmas tradition.

I like to think of it as a Christmas kindness challenge. 

Here is a list of 25 Christmas kindness activities you can do. It would be so lovely to get your children involved with this, too.

25 Days Of Christmas Kindness Ideas 

  1. Send Holiday Cards to Troops: Express gratitude by sending holiday cards to deployed troops, bringing a touch of home to those serving overseas.

  2. Bake Treats for Neighbors: Share the joy of homemade goodies with your neighbors, spreading warmth and sweetness throughout your community.

  3. Donate to a Food Bank: Collect non-perishable food items and donate them to a local food bank to help those in need.

  4. Write Thank-You Notes: Take a moment each day to write a thank-you note to someone who has made a positive impact in your life.

  5. Create Care Packages for the Homeless: Pack essentials like toiletries, socks, and non-perishable snacks into care packages and distribute them to the homeless.

  6. Offer to Babysit for a Friend: Give parents a night off by offering to babysit their children, allowing them to enjoy a peaceful evening.

  7. Leave Quarters at the Laundromat: Attach quarters to washing machines at a local laundromat to cover the cost for someone's laundry.

  8. Plant a Tree: Contribute to the environment by planting a tree or donating to a reforestation project in someone's name.

  9. Compliment a Stranger: Spread positivity by giving genuine compliments to strangers throughout the day.

  10. Donate Old Clothes and Toys: Declutter your home and donate gently-used clothes and toys to those in need.

  11. Organize a Virtual Game Night: Host a virtual game night with friends and family, bringing joy and laughter to everyone involved.

  12. Write Positive Messages in Chalk: Decorate sidewalks or driveways with uplifting messages using colorful chalk for passersby to enjoy.

  13. Send Flowers to a Friend: Surprise a friend or family member with a bouquet of flowers to brighten their day.

  14. Deliver Meals to Elderly Neighbors: Prepare and deliver a warm meal to elderly neighbors, offering both nourishment and companionship.

  15. Support a Local Artist: Purchase artwork or handmade crafts from local artists, supporting their creativity and passion.

  16. Share Inspirational Quotes: Share your favorite inspirational quotes on social media to uplift others in your online community.

  17. Donate Books to a Library: Contribute to your local library's collection by donating books that you've enjoyed and think others would appreciate.

  18. Express Gratitude to Essential Workers: Thank essential workers in your community, whether they're healthcare professionals, postal workers, or grocery store employees.

  19. Create DIY Christmas Decorations: Make simple, handmade decorations and gift them to friends, family, or neighbors.

  20. Leave Change at Vending Machines: Attach spare change to a note encouraging others to enjoy a treat from the vending machine.

  21. Write Positive Affirmations for Yourself: Take time each day to write positive affirmations and reflect on them, promoting self-love and positivity.

  22. Offer to Walk a Neighbor's Pet: Help out pet owners in your neighborhood by offering to walk their dogs, giving them a break during the busy holiday season.

  23. Host a Virtual Movie Night: Organize a virtual movie night with friends, complete with shared snacks and festive films.

  24. Donate Blood: Give the gift of life by donating blood at a local blood donation center.

  25. Express Love and Gratitude: On Christmas Day, take a moment to express your love and gratitude to those around you, acknowledging the joy they bring to your life.

The Real Meaning Of Christmas  

I hope these ideas inspire you to create a Christmas kindness tradition of your own. 

Just imagine if every community in the country went out of their way to help others and make each other feel special, even if for just a few days every year? Imagine the kind of changes we would see in our society, in our health, and in our culture. It makes me so excited just to think about it. 

If you try even one idea on this list, be sure to let me know!

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