Correcting The Misinformation About Bioidentical Hormones on MSNBC Website

The Truth About Bioidentical Hormones
Setting the record straight. Read on!
Written By Dr. Erika Schwartz
June 13, 2005

In her blog dated 6-13-05, Dr. Erika Schwartz informs readers of the errors about bioidentical hormones that were recently broadcast on NBC. (Dr. Schwartz’s blog can be found at Dr. Schwartz sets the record straight with the following eight points:

  1. Bioidentical hormones are prescription medications and FDA approved. Their molecular formula is identical to human hormones and yes, they are not made from pregnant mare’s urine.
  2. Compounding pharmacies do not manufacture over the counter products, they fill doctors’ prescriptions, which are FDA approved estrogens, progesterone and testosterone individually compounded so that the patient can adjust the dose and feel better.
  3. Progestin is not a compounded hormone, it is a synthetic progesterone found only in commercial pharmaceutical products. Progesterone is the bioidentical hormone we need to balance the negative effects of our own estrogen.
  4. Yams and soy are not bioidentical horomones, their oils are used by the pharmaceutical industry to extract estradiol, progesterone, and testosterone molecularly identical to human hormones.
  5. There are hundreds of clinical studies published in peer-reviewed major medical journals starting in the early 1980s and as recent as 2004 that prove the efficacy and safety of bioidentical hormones. And by the way, they are not outdated.
  6. The “Lancet” article referred to was about Progest cream, which is a low progesterone supplement available over the counter that no knowledgeable hormone expert would ever recommend to a menopausal patient.
  7. Saliva testing is as unreliable as any blood test since indeed, human hormone levels do change all the time. For that reason, a good physician will always pay primary attention to the patient’s symptoms in the decision to treat.
  8. The North American Menopause Society is sponsored by grants from Wyeth and Pfizer pharmaceuticals, companies that make synthetic and some natural formulations of hormones and would never promote individual compounded formulations.

– Erika Schwartz, MD

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Dr. Anna Cabeca

Dr. Anna Cabeca

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