Samantha Harris: Dancing with the Stars - Breast Cancer Thriver

Today on The Girlfriend Doctor, uncover the inspiring journey of Samantha Harris, the former host of Dancing with the Stars and author of the bestselling book, "Your Healthiest Healthy." Samantha shares her experience of being diagnosed with breast cancer. However, her story isn't about mere survival; it's a powerful testament to resilience as she emerged as a breast cancer thriver. Samantha highlights the importance of trusting your intuition and seeking second opinions for your health, delivering a message of empowerment and hope.

Explore the pivotal role that lifestyle factors play in preventing and overcoming breast cancer. Samantha gives insight into the impact of nutrition, stress management, and the significance of clean beauty products in reducing your risk of cancer. Samantha encourages listeners to seize control of their health and embrace positive changes that fight against disease. She doesn't merely share her journey but extends a hand of support through her website and membership community, reinforcing that you're not alone on your path to well-being.

Prepare for a riveting and transformative experience that will reignite your enthusiasm for a healthier, more fulfilling life. With her radiant spirit and empowering words, Samantha invites you to join her on a profound journey towards wellness. Tune in to this episode of "The Girlfriend Doctor" and embark on a transformative voyage with Samantha, where education, inspiration, and empowerment converge to light the path to your healthiest, happiest self.


[1:00] From misdiagnosis and finding the lump

[7:25] Decision-making process for treatment options

[8:40] Seeking second opinions

[9:54] Chemotherapy and radiation

[11:57] Dealing with a double mastectomy and reframing mindset

[13:20] Choosing positivity and focusing on the good

[17:27]Holistic approach to mitigate disease risks

[21:11] Using antibiotics as a hormone disruptor

[23:25] Positive self-talk and taking control of one's health

[26:43] Transitioning to clean beauty products

[31:22] Trusting intuition and knowing your body

[35:10] How your energy affects the people around us

[36:38] Detox pathways should be opened to eliminate toxins effectively




"I made a conscious choice to look at everything that came at me next in this cancer journey with a positive perspective." [12:35] -Samantha Harris

"What we put in on and around our bodies, how we choose to live our lifestyle and certain habits, the environmental effects of all that turning on or leaving off certain DNA structures and genetic makeup within us that then can activate and create something like cancer or heart disease or type 2 diabetes or neurodegenerative disorders or hormone imbalances." [17:27] -Samantha Harris


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