Reenergizing the Body with Dave Asprey: How Laziness Will Change Your Health for the Better


Today on The Girlfriend Doctor, we welcome Dave Asprey as he launches his revolutionary book Smarter Not Harder. He takes you on a journey, as you rewire your biology for rest and rehabilitation instead of living in fight or flight. 

Exercise has not changed since its inception, and Dave is here to uproot the traditional system of endless vigorous exercise. He found the flaw in the logic of working hard for better results. It turns out that your body craves rest, and endless workouts are conditioning your body to stay in perpetual survival mode! He teaches you how to reprogram your biology to achieve the best health of your life!

Most people are not eating enough food, or are eating nutrient-deficient diets and depleting their energy with long bouts of extreme exercise. The path to health does not need to be a struggle. Dave teaches you how to dismantle your limiting beliefs about your health, so you can own your biology!



[2:50] Dave’s evolution into bio-hacking

[9:00] The laziness principle

[13:00] Training your mitochondria 

[16:00] Strategizing according to your goals

[18:00] The psychology of laziness

[21:50] No sweating allowed!

[25:00] Picking your path to your definition of health  

[30:00] Understanding mineral deficiencies 

[34:10] Biohacking and stress

[38:00] Getting your energy back

[43:00] Dismantling layers of limiting belief



Smarter Not Harder 

The Human Upgrade Podcast

Danger Coffee

Upgrade Labs

40 Years of Zen



“Everything that we doin exercise today is pick up rocks or run away from tigers, or maybe some stretching. That’s all of excserze for all of history. Well, it turns out, we can change the environment around us, so that our body, can go, maybe there’s not a tiger, maybe it’s so convenient and easy, I’ll just fix my respritory system right now instead of doing it slowly over time.” [24:00]  -Dave Asprey

“Oats are peasant food, designed to keep you alive in the winter, and one of the things that oats do is, they steal minerals, like zinc and copper and iron and calcium.”  [31:30] -Dave Asprey

“What if you just turned it off, so the next time it happened, you can go ,oh, that wasnt very nice,  but you’re not triggered, and you don’t have to yell at anyone to change their behavior so you can feel safe in your skin, because you owned your own biology! The definition of bio-hacking.” [36:20] -Dave Asprey

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