Midlife Weight Loss Revolution: Unlocking the Power of Mindset, Hormones, and Nutrition with Natalie Jill

Today on The Girlfriend Doctor, Dr. Anna Cabeca welcomes back Natalie Jill, fitness and nutrition expert, to tackle the unique challenges of midlife weight management. Natalie shares how she recovered from severe injuries by strengthening her body and mind. In this episode, Natalie explores the crucial role of mindset, nutritional strategies, and hormone optimization in achieving success at any stage of life!

Discover the keys to overcoming injuries and embracing a new reality in your health journey. Natalie teaches the importance of deciding to change and lays out actionable strategies to eliminate unprocessed foods, healthy food combinations, and timing your meals for optimal fat loss. 

The connection between hormones and weight management is undeniable, so Natalie emphasizes the need for a holistic approach.

Join the lively conversation as they discuss working through pain, strengthening your body, and finding conscious solutions for injury-related obstacles. If you're ready to break free from midlife weight loss myths and embark on a healthier path, this episode is your guiding light. Revolutionize your approach to weight management!


[3:34] Overcoming injuries and creating a new reality.

[8:47] Breaking the pain cycle and working through injuries.

[12:14] Strengthening and mindset

[14:03] A smarter approach for fat loss in midlife 

[16:39] The importance of hormone balance

[18:08] Taking a holistic approach to health and healing

[20:03] The significance of diet, workouts, and community

[21:40] Overcoming adversity and conquering challenges



Midlife Conversations Podcast 



“You've decided what's negative about aging. You decided what you don't like about your body. You decided about your diagnosis, but you haven't actually decided you want a different reality for yourself that I know for sure. I've worked with. Hundreds of thousands of women and they haven't decided until they do.” [19:15] -Natalie Jill


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Dr. Anna Cabeca

Dr. Anna Cabeca

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