How Fasting Heals the Body and Mind With Dr. Mindy Pelz


On This episode of the Girlfriend Doctor, we had a conversation with Dr. Mindy Pelz, a fasting expert and author of Fast like a Girl! She is making fasting accessible and safe for women to practice in their daily lives. The key is to build awareness of your cycle and strategically plan your fasting to support your hormones. By tapping into your body’s wisdom, you can reap the full health and spiritual benefits of fasting. 

It is no coincidence that most cultures practice fasting because it allows your body and mind to cleanse. Fasting is known to increase your energy and by integrating fasting into your life you can live longer, healthier and happier lives. Your energy is often reflected back at you by those around you and fasting is a natural way to  clear negativity and gain clarity in moments of turmoil.  

[1:30] The effects of long term fasting

[6:50] The ideas behind Fast like a Girl

[8:30] The key to the fasting cycle

[11:30] Structuring your fasting around your menstrual cycle

[16:30] The science of fasting

[18:20] How to properly break your fast

[20:40] Using fasting to rebuild the microbiome

[22:20] The ideal meal to break the fast

[26:30] The best diet is the one you can keep

[28:10] Snacking during your fast can help you endure longer fasts

[30:10] How long is too long

[35:00] short term dry fasts can promote fat loss

[39:00] The spiritual side of fasting

[43:20] The people around you often match your own energy

[45:00] Should you fast during the flu


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“I see a lot of evidence that you are rebooting dopamine receptor sites, you know if you really want to heal the body, you get to know yourself in a 72 hour fast. I love the longer fasts for women they just have to be timed to a woman’s cycle if she still has it”  [2:48]

“If we look at a woman’s menstrual cycle, when hormones go high during ovulation and the week before our period, that’s when things have to change and each one of those sections have to be a little bit different.”  [11:35]  

“When you’re fasting you’re changing your whole microbiome in your gut and when we look at some of the critics of fasting there’s a lot of people, mostly men, that are saying, no it’s bad for the microbiome. Well, what it’s doing is you’re breaking down the old and you’re bringing back the new.” [20:40]

“When you take water out of the equation, you force your body to go find other areas it stores water and burn that.” [36:40]

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