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    Episode 34 - Dealing With and Healing Unresolved Stress

    • 1 min read

    Have you felt more tired recently? Maybe more pain, brain fog, memory loss, trouble sleeping, or maybe all of the above? These are all symptoms of stress, whether that’s the everyday variety or unresolved stress hidden deep within your body. Dealing with your stress can unlock a new way to live your life. Dr. Nicole Huffman is on the podcast to talk about the emotional arm of your health and how you can release the stress from your body that’s preventing you from living your life to its fullest.

    Dr. Anna Cabeca

    Dr. Anna Cabeca

    Certified OB/GYN, Anti-Aging and Integrative Medicine expert and founder of The Girlfriend Doctor. During Dr. Anna’s health journey, she turned to research to create products to help thousands of women through menopause, hormones, and sexual health. She is the author of best-selling The Hormone Fix and Keto-Green 16.