Dr. Mary Claire Haver: Supporting Your Health Throughout Menopause with The Galveston Diet


Today on The Girlfriend Doctor, I am joined by Dr.Mary Claire Haver, founder of the Galveston diet! Dr. Haver is helping you master your hormones so you can confidently step into the second spring of your life. Menopause is often viewed as a disease because so many women are suffering from imbalanced hormones and poor diets that are causing the symptoms associated with menopause. 

Although weight loss is a beneficial side effect, The Galveston diet is not focused on weight management but on reducing inflammation. Every woman is unique but by focusing on lowering inflammation and balancing your hormones, you can reclaim your health at any age.

In this episode, Dr. Haver teaches you how you can add intermittent fasting to your menopause tool kit, to help you combat inflammation and balance your hormones. Many doctors are still recommending that ovaries should be removed after menopause to avoid ovarian cancer but studies have revealed that even throughout menopause, your ovaries are always producing essential hormones needed for optimal health. With the Galvestone diet you can help restore  your hormonal balance and avoid unnecessary suffering to make your second spring the best years of your life. 



[5:30] Working out more and eating less is not a viable weight loss plan for menopausal women

[7:30] Abdomen weight gain is the most common weight gain in menopausal women

[9:30] Menopause causes a brain function decrease of 20% since the brain is starving for fuel

[10:30] Ovarian suppression from birth control can mask a womans menopausal symptoms

[14:30] Menopause like puberty is not a disease state and neither should be suppressed

[16:55] Intermittent fasting keeps glucose stable and lowers inflammation if it is done correctly

[18:28] Basic inflammatory nutrition is the second pillar of the galveston diet 

[20:00] Avoid packaged foods that have any preservatives because these are never healthy

[22:00] Dairy is optional, unless you have lactose intolerant dairy is a safe addition to your diet 

[23:00] In 2002 the Women’s health initiative trial wrongfully vilified all hormonal therapies 

[25:00] We don’t exercise to get thin, it  serves to build muscles and build healthy bones

[25:30] Ovaries age faster than any other organ in a woman's body

[28:30] Your ovaries are still producing hormones after menopause and should not be removed



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“I got off and was immediately menopausal, so that the birth control pill was giving me estrogen and progesterone and masking my menopausal symptoms.” [10:30] 

“I’m getting very little feedback about weight loss.That’s not our focus. Weight loss might be a pleasant side effect but we’re here to give you your life back, your health back, with the focus of nutrition.” [16:27]

“Be careful of packaging. Be careful of things in bags or boxes. I’m not saying never but that should not be the main source of your food. It’s not going to serve your health.”  [20:40]


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