007: Wealthy & Wise Money Secrets w/ Krisstina Wise

We’ve all experienced it – a well-meaning friend tells us that we need to relax because “stress can kill you.” Annoying as this advice may be, it’s also entirely true. Just ask this week’s guest on Couch Talk, Krisstina Wise. For Krisstina (as for most of us) money was one of the most stressful things in her life, and it nearly killed her. She transformed her relationship with money – transforming her health and her life in the process.

I witnessed Krisstina’s illness firsthand and helped her finally get to the root of her illness. In return, she helped me understand the role that finances can play in overall health. Our conversation will help you:

  • Grow your wealth
  • Protect your health
  • Live your good life

Meet Krisstina Wise:

Krisstina Wise is the dynamo behind GoodLife Companies, an Austin-based real estate brokerage and technology training company. She holds a prominent role in the real estate industry for her innovative leadership and technological savvy, demonstrated in her stewardship of her own companies as well as numerous keynote addresses. Her reach extends beyond the real estate industry, with companies like Apple and Evernote seeking her expertise. A serious illness forced her to reevaluate, inspiring her to expand her passion beyond real estate and help people (especially women) learn to love money and use it to live a happy, fulfilling, financially free life. To this end, she wrote her book Falling for Money and built her new brand, Krisstina.com.




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Dr. Anna Cabeca

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