006: Secrets to a Flat Belly w/ Dr. Susanne’s Bennet 7 day Allergy Makeover Tips

Dr Susanne Bennet

Join me on the couch with my dear friend Dr. Susanne Bennett. Susanne is a leading expert on allergies and just published her new book, The 7-Day Allergy Makeover, A Simple Program to Eliminate Allergies and Restore Vibrant Health from the Inside Out.

Did you know that FATIGUE and lack of FOCUS (aka “brain fog”) are two of the most common “hidden” symptoms of allergies? Other little-known symptoms include bloating, joint pain, poor energy and lack of concentration. And you thought it was just about sneezing and runny nose!

Dr. Bennett will be sharing 11 Surprising Facts About Allergies and much more!

Meet Dr. Bennett:

Dr. Susanne Bennett is a holistic chiropractic physician specializing in allergies, clinical nutrition, environmental and lifestyle medicine, with an emphasis in pediatric and young adult health care. She is the author of The 7 Day Allergy Makeover , published by Penguin books to be released March 4th 2014. It is a step-by-step program providing natural solutions to eliminate allergies and restore vibrant health from the inside out.

Dr. Bennett is also a host to her own radio show “Wellness For Life”. On Wellness For Life Radio, she is dedicated to sharing the best health strategies and providing easy to implement tips to improve your life and start feeling better today, the all-natural way.

For more information on Dr. Bennett, please visit her websites at drsusanne.com.

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