by Anna Cabeca January 19, 2018


Today on Couch Talk I have brought back a previous – and popular – guest, Dr. Lara Briden.


Lara is here to talk with us about her recently updated book, Period Repair Manual: Natural Treatment for Better Hormones and Better Periods.She is a naturopathic doctor with some twenty years of experience in women’s health and she runs a hormone clinic in Sydney, Australia.

With 4 daughters I can tell you that this is an important resource book – and required reading – in my household!

What I love about Lara’s book is that it contains important information for women as they transition through all ages (including having teenage daughters!)…and in her 2nd edition she added an entire new chapter on perimenopause and the menopause transition…!

What Happens in Our 40’s? The Good, the Bad…and the Ugly, Too

Lara’s key message is to focus on the things you can do in your early 40’s to:

  • stabilize hormone receptors (not too much estrogen and nurturing your natural progesterone production),
  • support your nervous system and your adrenal function, and
  • monitor thyroid health!

Why? Because the focus you put into these things early-on is going to translate to an easier transition later after your periods stop.

Listen to the Interview and Hear About,

  • What’s happening hormonally in your 40’s? (how progesterone has left the building and estrogen may be wreaking havoc on your periods, mood, sleep and life!)
  • All about “Thyropause”, the intersection of thyroid disease and perimenopause (and how hypothyroidism can cause heavy periods)
  • What you can do about “flooding periods”
  • The number one vital hormone for our 40’s! (and it isn’t estrogen)
  • Lara’s “rescue prescription” for better mood and sleep…(a super little over the counter combo that supports GABA, our calming neurotransmitter, that can REALLY help...)
  • How histamine intolerance may be impacting your estrogen levels (resulting in headaches, insomnia and hives…)

And so much more…


I also love that Lara tells her patients that it is important to recognize that this phase won’t last forever, that it is not the new normal! I often tell women in my menopause programs the same thing…you are in a state of transition!

And with a little knowledge you can get through it with a lot less misery!

Lara Has a Gift for You!

You can also get 2 chapters of Lara’s newly revised book as a free download! Check it out!

You and all the women in your life will benefit from it.

Let me know how you like it!

(and apologies for the clicking heard during the interview…I’ve now replaced my microphone!)



I receive a lot of questions from women relating to hormone imbalances during menopause, but also many questions and concerns relating to fertility issues. Such “transition” times for women are when our hormone balance is most likely to be affected.

Times of stress will also challenge our adrenals, which can worsen hormone imbalances.

You might be interested in reading the story of a young women who was dealing with fertility and thyroid issues…and hearing about her journey to delivering a healthy new baby!

Focusing on improving her adrenal support likely increased her bio-available progesterone levels… it is a beautiful story with a very happy ending!

Anna Cabeca
Anna Cabeca

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