117: How The Hormone Fix Can Help You w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

This episode of Couch Talk features an incredibly informative and touching review from Lisa, whom I’ve been working with through my  Magic Menopause program and is a big advocate of my book,  The Hormone Fix.

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Lisa touches on the questionnaires and charts you can find in The Hormone Fix. These will help you track your progress, health improvements and changes, and more. 

I'm also a follower of The Hormone Fix. It’s my way of life that I’ve put together and implemented through all the years I’ve traveled, explored, and discovered what makes the healthiest people in the world the healthiest.

Lisa praises the benefits of Mighty Maca, saying that she’s had so much more energy while taking it. She also shares how her husband started taking it, too, and he’s had more energy than he’s had in years.

I believe that men can learn a lot from The Hormone Fix. While it’s targeted to peri- and menopausal women, the information contained about hormone health is universal. Lisa and her husband took part in my Magic Menopause program together and he found a lot of benefit from learning alongside her.

What is your sexy, younger you statement?  Let me know in the KetoGreen Community with Dr. Anna Cabeca. 

In This Episode:

  • What kind of questionnaires and charts you can find in The Hormone Fix
  • Why The Hormone Fix is a way of life
  • How Mighty Maca can help you control your stress levels
  • How men can benefit from The Hormone Fix


“In The Hormone Fix, Dr. Anna takes the mystery out of understanding our hormones and gives practical advice that is simple and easy to follow.” (1:42)

“In chapter 8 of The Hormone Fix, Dr. Anna helps us to realize that stress prevents us from living our best life and she helps us see how we can get stress under control no matter the source.” (3:08)



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Dr. Anna:
So I want to share with you a beautiful testimonial from one of my clients that have done my Magic Menopause programs, as well as read my book, The Hormone Fix. Her name is Lisa. When she started with me a couple of years ago, she had really been struggling. She was depressed, anxious, achy, way overweight, I think 80 pounds overweight, and struggling with her relationships all the way around. She felt like her world was falling apart. So I want to read this, what she wrote in about my book and about Magic Menopause, too. So it's just when I read these testimonials, y'all, I am just so grateful. I just am thrilled with every single one of them, and I laugh at some. I cry with others, and it's just beautiful.

Especially I loved the one I read earlier today about Mighty Maca that her husband started drinking her Mighty Maca. She said, "Gosh, I can remember when he couldn't make it through a day without a nap, and now he's soaring through the day." He says, "I just can't live without it." And the Julva testimonials, let me tell you, they are beautiful, so all those can be found at dranna.com. So this is what Lisa said. She said, "The Hormone Fix is a must-read for women and men, too. Although the target audience for The Hormone Fix is perimenopausal and menopausal women, I believe it is a must-read for younger women and men as well. Why do I say this? Because we all need to understand and learn how to manage our hormones, insulin, cortisol, and oxytocin. We are a nation of overweight and stressed-out people and we can all benefit from living the Keto-Green way."

I say amen to that. She writes, "In The Hormone Fix, Dr. Anna takes the mystery out of understanding our hormones and gives practical advice that is simple and easy to follow. She provides questionnaires and charts to help you determine where you are so you can keep track of your progress in harmony with her motto, test, don't guess. Dr. Anna doesn't just tell us what to do but she provides easy, step-by-step instructions on how to do it. Delicious, easy-to-follow recipes with shopping lists are also included, leaving us with no excuses. I really appreciate that Dr. Anna is motivated by love and leads by example. Through The Hormone Fix, she is teaching us what she learned from her world travels, which she is applying in her own life, and what she is teaching her daughters.

It is a way of life for her entire family, so Dr. Anna is definitely practicing what she is preaching, so to speak. Oh my, chapter eight. The raw honesty, the vulnerability, the beautiful way that Dr. Anna bares her heart and soul, sharing the details about the tragic death of her son Garrett. I can't imagine anything more stressful than the loss of a child. From this horrible experience, Dr. Anna found the strength to pick herself up and fight to live fully for herself, her children and for us. We all have had different experiences. Some may have lost a child and can relate to Dr. Anna's experience. Others are dealing with their own unique stresses. Either way, in chapter eight of The Hormone Fix, Dr. Anna helps us to realize that stress prevents us from living our best life, and she helps us see how we can begin to get stress under control no matter what the source.

She teaches with love and compassion, and as a participant in her Magic Menopause program, I could feel her love and concern for me personally, and I witnessed her display the same loving concern toward each individual participant of the program. After just a few minutes of conversation with her during one of our group calls, I walked away feeling relieved and totally cared for. It was a light bulb moment for me. I realize how much stress played a part in my not being able to reach my health goals. She made me feel safe enough to unload my concerns. That evening I was able to have a good night's sleep, and the next day my blood pressure and blood sugar decreased for the first time, and I was alkaline and had ketones at the same time.

I will be forever grateful to Dr. Anna for helping me during the Magic Menopause program. I have to say from personal experience," Lisa continues to write, "That Dr. Anna's Mighty Maca has certainly been instrumental in helping my body cope with stress, as well as helping to keep my hot flashes under control. Also during the program, Dr. Anna saw the wisdom in getting my husband involved and asked to speak with him. He joined me in the program, and we both have had great success. So yes, men can benefit from The Hormone Fix. It will help them understand their own hormones, and it will help them understand the women in their lives so that they can offer much-needed support. It's an honor and a pleasure to recommend Dr. Anna and her book, The Hormone Fix, her program Magic Menopause, and her supplement, Mighty Maca. Living the Keto-Green way will help balance your hormones, improve your overall health, improve your relationships, and help you get more enjoyment from life.

In The Hormone Fix, Dr. Anna gives us the tools we need to take charge of our health. The book includes resources and references to back up her research, so my advice is to read the book and follow the plan. To quote the Nike commercial, just do it and you will have guaranteed success. So let's not keep this great gem a secret, but each one shares one and give copies to those we love and care for." Man, thank you, Lisa, for writing this. Thank you for your heart. I'm choked up by reading this. This is such a beautiful letter, and I thank you because you know, it is hard doing what I'm doing here. Sometimes I like to say we're doing because I'm not doing it alone. I'm doing it with the grace of God, and with a community of women just like you, and men and letters like this just make it worthwhile and make these hard moments, the hard days, seem less so. And yet we accomplish not alone but together, and that makes a better life for our children and those that come after us. So again, thank you all for listening.

I wish you a great, sexy, younger year this year, and a sexy, younger you. I look forward to sharing this year with you. I encourage each and every one of you to please write down your sexy, younger you statement and send it into me. I read every single one of them, so please write it down, commit to it, and send it back to me. If you want me to comment on it too and give you feedback, I am happy to do that, too. This is how we'll start our new year together, and I look forward to that. So you know, always email me. Email me through my team at team@drannacabeca.com. They share every single note with me, and it's exciting. It's an exciting new year. Thank you for listening to Couch Talk, and happy new year.

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Dr. Anna Cabeca

Dr. Anna Cabeca

Certified OB/GYN, Anti-Aging and Integrative Medicine expert and founder of The Girlfriend Doctor. During Dr. Anna’s health journey, she turned to research to create products to help thousands of women through menopause, hormones, and sexual health. She is the author of best-selling The Hormone Fix, and Keto-Green 16 and MenuPause.

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