060: A Non-Toxic Approach to Women’s Periods & Urine Leaks w/ JB Owen

Today I’m talking to a wonderful innovator named JB Owen.

JB talked about her background in the male-dominated construction industry and how that shaped her focus on helping other women in business. She has some empowering perspectives for women which I believe will resonate with many of you in my community.

urine leaks

During our Couch Talk interview, we also talked about a beautiful product that JB designed for women of ALL ages. I’ll give you a little summary of that conversation but you should really listen to the interview for more of JB’s thoughts. You will love her! And she has a special gift for my community (see below)!

No More Toxin-Laden Sanitary Pads And Tampons!

An alternative that is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and fun!

JB talked to us about a product that you will definitely want to check out.

She is the creator of Lotus Liners, a non-toxic and environmentally friendly alternative to the sanitary napkins, tampons, and incontinence panty-liners that you may use today; whether for your period, for break-thru bleeding (that many of you experience in peri-menopause and menopause), everyday vaginal discharge or for small urine leaks.

While re-usable pads have been around for a while (certainly cloth pads were the only thing available pre-disposable options!), JB has brought quality materials together in an easy to use the product (that becomes its own discreet carrying case)… that is fashionable, too.

As an innovator, she wanted to design something that was going to make a difference: a difference for women…in terms of their feminine health (removing absorbent toxins), being cost-effective and fun.

And also, she wanted to make a difference in the world that she is leaving for her children. According to JB, in the US alone, approximately 12 billion pads and 7 million tampons end up in landfill sites EACH YEAR. A woman can throw away 10,000 pads and tampons in her lifetime.

She thought about women’s periods and how negatively they are generally perceived…we view the monthly rite of passage as an intruder and buying all of the disposable products is costly and wasteful… not to mention toxic to our vagina and vulva.

urine leaks

And the same goes for all of the sanitary products and panty-liners women use for those little urine leaks as they age through menopause and beyond.

She wanted to make these rites of passage a little more positive, kind of fun… with a little fashion even thrown in.

See this little pouch to the right? How cute (and convenient) is that? Individual (used) pads can be snapped shut and inserted into a waterproof purse… to wash later when it is convenient for you to do so!

Low And Behold, When The Chemicals Are Removed Women Can See Great Health Benefits:

So what’s really in the materials of these products and what health risk do they pose?

JB explains that there are currently no regulations as to the chemicals used in manufacturing disposable napkins, nor are most manufacturers required to disclose the ingredients (pads used in hospitals and institutional settings are regulated).

But here is another concern. What are the plastics used in conventional pads? We don’t really know… but we know that BPA and BPS, plasticizing chemicals, have links to endocrine disruption, heart disease, cancer and are known to disrupt embryonic development.

Tampons may have gone through bleaching processes (possibly using chlorine!), used to give them and pads their “hygienic” white look. This can create toxic dioxin and other disinfection-by-products (DBPs), of which there is no “safe” level of exposure according to the EPA. Even trace levels of dioxin have been linked to abnormal tissue and cell growth, immune system suppression, and hormonal disruption.

Not to mention the fact that some pads are laced with odor neutralizers and fragrances, which can have potentially adverse health effects. This is a high price for the convenience of disposable sanitary napkins, one which women should not be forced to pay. Says JB.

“I tell women all the time who have cramps, who have horrible fatigue, who have really bad PMS, ‘use a Lotus Liner for three months, and I guarantee you will feel different.’”

“Women who have chronic yeast infections come to me all the time and say, ‘Every single time I wear a disposable I have a flare-up of yeast infection. I wear a Lotus Liner and it doesn’t happen."

JB talked about how the Lotus Liner product is hypoallergenic, odor resistant, stain resistant and anti-bacterial. It contains no harmful chemical, bleaches, or perfumes that may be harmful for a woman’s body.

Lotus Liners have been designed with synthetic fibers for the above reasons (hypoallergenic, odor and stain resistant, anti-bacterial) and also, importantly, because they do not hold or retain organic matter.

Unlike natural fibers that are short, barbarous and porous, synthetic fibers are 100% smooth, not allowing remnants of menstrual blood to get caught in the tiny crevasses found in natural fibers. Without an overly diligent cleaning regime, natural fibers can retain microbial elements leading to odor and unsanitary contamination. Synthetics are designed so that nothing stays within it, making it safer, more sanity and extremely easy to clean.

Of course, I love the idea of Lotus Liners as they follow some of the same design objectives as I used for my Julva® feminine restorative cream for the vulva. Non-toxic ingredients next to those highly absorbent feminine tissues! And products that honor the feminine you and provide comfort, especially as we age and have more sensitive tissues “down there.”

Listen To The Interview Now! And Check Out JB’s Gift Below!

Listen To Our Chat… And Hear JB Discuss How:

  • Women are experiencing more vaginal dryness and orgasmic issues at a younger age…  some of this is due to tampon trauma, as well as panty-liners and pads containing chemical additives which can affect hormone balance.
  • The FDA does not regulate most feminine products! Some can include bleaches, toxic chemicals, perfumes and astringents… do you want these chemicals touching your sensitive feminine parts?
  • Women who use Lotus Liners are experiencing better periods with less bleeding and discomfort.
  • Disposable panty-liners, disposable pads and tampons create a huge environmental impact!
  • Using Lotus Liners are so easy… hear how they can last for years!

Also, Hear JB’s View As To Why Every Zebra Stripe Is Unique

You’ll also find JB’s attitude on life so refreshing… hear how she approaches her day every morning, asking herself, “What will make me happy today?”  Love this in creating a different, more positive energy and mindset.

And hear why she says that every zebra stripe is unique…and how to find your talent.

Check out the interview now, you’ll love it!

A Special Gift From JB To My Community!

urinary leak

JB is offering my community a 15% discount! She knows that if you try them you will love them.

Just use the coupon code: friendsofanna

You can check out all of the patterns and sizes here.

She also has a lot more detailed info on Lotus Liners, so take a look!

 And here is a bit more about JB.

Meet JB Owen

J.B. Owen

JB Owen is an Innovative Megapreneur and Extraordinary Lifestyle Designer. She is passionate about inspiring women to believe in their dreams and become the fullest expression of themselves. She is the visionary behind the global inspirationof Lotuste’, a movement designed to encourage women to honor and respect one another by supporting each other in their self‑success as women.




Her latest revolutionary product is Lotus Liners, a fashionable collection of stylish and washable feminine products. Lotus Liners are designed to improve health, reduce waste, save funds, respect our planet, and honor the beauty of the natural female monthly cycle.

As an inspiring and prolific speaker, she routinely addresses issues of the modern woman and is also a published author.

She is a single mom of two amazing children 12 & 9, and just completed a 10-month tour of 7 countries doing charity work and sharing the children’s message of JUST GIVE TODAY. A movement started by them to teach others that we can all give hugs, smiles and joy.

JB constantly pushes the boundaries of her own path as a businesswoman in hopes that she will challenge and inspire other women to do the same. She is moved by the opportunity to assist other women to break through their limiting beliefs and experience instead of their own business prowess and personal triumphs. More can be found about her at jbowen.ca.

Thanks JB!

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