Thanksgiving Turkey Cooked In Paper Bag!

Here’s Mom’s Famous Turkey Recipe, made and narrated by Dad:

Thanksgiving Turkey Cooked In Paper Bag (13-16 lb)
  1. Wash turkey inside and out with tap water.
  2. Put spices you like all over the turkey inside and out. (Our favorites are salt, pepper, basil, cloves 2-3, garlic, my brother, the chocolatier, added cocoa powder – I put these in the coffee grinder to blend/grind then rub on turkey)
  3. Do not tie legs. Push wings under turkey.
  4. Place an orange or apple or pear inside of turkey.
  5. Squeeze a lemon all over turkey, inside and out, then use that lemon to put in a cup half full of water put inside of bag with turkey.
  6. Place turkey inside of Paper bag (brown bag with no ink on it), wings first, set turkey in bag so we can seal bag.
  7. Melt butter ¼ lb. and baste turkey all over
  8. Fold ends of bag as to mak a tight seal and staple. Count staples, so you can remove same amount!
  9. Cook in oven at 350 for 2 ½ hours. No basting required.
  10. Cut slit in paper bag near the top near the leg to see if turkey is done. Breast should be brown and squeeze the leg at thickest point and if leg is soft, it is done!


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