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  • Menopause Is Mandatory,
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  • Nourish

    Are you feeling tired and depleted?

    Do you lack focus and need clarity?

    Do you want more control over your weight and wellness?

    Let’s start building a solid foundation for your WHOLE health. My signature superfoods, shakes, enzymes, and supplements will replenish and fortify you. Everything in my NOURISH product line is specifically designed to help you free yourself from whatever is holding you back. Are you ready to thrive?

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  • Embrace

    Are you fully enjoying your sex life?

    Do you feel eager and ready for intimacy?

    Do you want to be more supple and delicious than ever before?

    Let’s start reviving the engines of your sexual health and pleasure. Intimacy is more than physical closeness – your hormones need balance for you to truly enjoy yourself and your partner. My EMBRACE line of products will help you feel beautiful, desirable and completely lovable – you embraceable you.

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  • Shine

    Have your hair, skin and nails lost their luster?

    Are you exhausted every morning?

    Do you feel your inner sparkle starting to dim?

    Let’s start by admitting the things you took for granted in younger years – bouncy hair, twinkling eyes, falling into bed for eight hours of sleep – are suddenly out of reach. Girlfriend, I get it. I created my SHINE products to help you glow, inside and out. You’re a beautiful beam of energy. It’s time to shine.

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  • Awaken

    Do you have more questions than answers about menopause?

    Are you in the dark about hormones and sexual health?

    Is your immunity system crying out for support?

    Let’s start waking up! Years of treating thousands of women, hearing their stories and struggles, helped me find the answers you need about your physical, emotional and sexual health. My AWAKEN courses and books will help you live a happier, more vibrant life. We’re all in this together. Join us.

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