The Healing Carnivore Diet with Dr. Robert Kiltz


The Microbiome gets a lot of attention these days, but are you protecting your Glycobiome? Today on The Girlfriend Doctor, I welcome renowned fertility expert Dr. Robert Kiltz. He has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Parents Magazine, and CNBC for his work making IVF affordable and accessible. Using diet and mindset to supplement low-dose IVF therapy, Dr. Kiltz has reduced the cost of IVF to a third of the national average. He is investigating the efficacy of the American plant-based diet, and how a keto-carnivore diet could reduce inflammation, heal chronic diseases, and promote fertility. 

Contrary to popular belief, fat is fuel to the body. When you consume sugar and amino acids, they are processed and converted into fat by the liver, which is evidence that your body's primary fuel source is fat. Plant-based diets potentially expose you to pathogens and microbes that ferment in the gut, destroy the Glycobiome, and cause chronic illness. 

In this episode, Dr. Kiltz shares how his approach to nutrition is helping women become fertile again. He teaches the dangers of a plant-based diet, and how a carnivore diet may be the solution you have been looking for!



[3:20] Affordable and accessible fertility treatments 

[4:00] Natural and low doses of fertility treatments 

[7:00] How the standard American diet contributes to infertility 

[9:00] Positive mindset is often the catalyst for healing 

[12:00] The different approaches for men and women 

[14:00] Fat is the only fuel for your body

[16:00] Plant sugars are the leading cause that damages our dy

[22:00] What is the Glycobiome

[27:00] Questioning the efficacy of the microbiome hypothesis 

[33:00] The estrogen and progesterone in plants create endocrine disruptors

[34:00] The Carnivor space is the healing space

[36:00] 99.9% of pesticides are made from plants

[37:00] Fat goes straight to the lymphatic system 

[42:00] Removing toxic components from your diet 

[49:00] Visualizing your healed body

[53:00] Healing the Glycobiome with fat and fasting 



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“I believe that fat is the only fuel for our body. Sugar is not, glucose is not a fuel for the body. It’s a precursor to our fuel, and a high plant-based, low-fat diet turns out to damage every nook and cranny of our body, especially the blood vessels.”  [13:36] - Dr.Kiltz

“The exposure of plant antigens and the microbes that ferment in our gut, and destroy the Glycobiome is the leading cause of all disease.” [35:17] -Dr.Kiltz


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