Q: I’ve had a hysterectomy – what now?

Here's the Answer

Here’s the first thing to know: With or without a uterus over age 50, and if you’ve had your ovaries removed at any age, you will benefit from bioidentical progesterone (which is different from synthetic progesterone or progestin), and in all likelihood, your doctor is not offering it to you. Most doctors only offer women estrogen after a hysterectomy, which is just part of the solution.

When you’ve had a hysterectomy, we need to identify the reason for it. The uterus is typically an innocent bystander of underlying causes, which often include hormonal imbalance and inflammation. And even after your uterus is removed, we still have to correct those problems.

Many women are told since they don’t have a uterus they no longer need progesterone. Not true: our brains, our bones, our fascia all need progesterone. Without it, we suffer from unnecessary aches, pains, brain fog, osteoporosis, and more.

I recommend my Balance Cream, a bioidentical progesterone, to protect your delicate hormonal balance. I also recommend Mighty Maca® Plus, a superfood green drink that reduces inflammation and supports overall health and vitality.

Using these two simple solutions, women often come back to me and say they feel like a cloud has lifted.

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