Talking on Eggshells with Sam Horn

Today on The Girlfriend Doctor, embark on a transformative journey of communication mastery with renowned expert Sam Horn. With a spotlight on her book "Talking on Eggshells," Sam reveals the strategies that can revolutionize the way you connect with others – whether it's dealing with difficult people, navigating tricky situations at work, or enhancing your personal relationships. Sam's techniques are designed to elevate conversations to new heights with wisdom, insights, and techniques that will transform the way you communicate!

In this episode, she guides us through her book's strategies, emphasizing the power of pattern interrupts to diffuse conflicts and deepen connections. Sam is more than just a communicator – she's an enabler of change, success, and fulfillment. 

Tune in to discover the secrets of effective communication. Sam's expertise transcends ordinary conversations, offering tools that empower you to steer interactions with grace and empathy. Master the art of 'What do you mean?' and 'I wish,' and unlock the door to richer, more meaningful connections. Elevate your communication game and become the maestro of conversations that inspire change.



[01:30] Power of Effective Communication

[05:45] The Maui Writers Conference Legacy

[13:10] Transformative emails and thought-provoking content.

[17:30] Strategies for handling workplace dialogues and avoiding conflicts.

[22:05] Shifting Conversations with Empathy

[26:40] Connecting deeply through intentional language reframing.

[30:10] Impact of Words in Healthcare

[34:20] Gems of "Talking on Eggshells"




Talking on Eggshells

Tongue Fu



"And the key is, if we can teach people that there's two ways to say everything, we don't have to be at the mercy of other people's tone or words." [2:44] -Sam Horn

"How we communicate either moves us forward or anchors us in a conflict."[12:06] -Sam Horn

"The first step of this is to realize that we're not being victimized by people who push our buttons, they're pointing out we have buttons to push." [21:15] Sam Horn


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