MOVEJOY, The Loving Movement with Lavinia Errico

Welcome back to The Girlfriend Doctor Show, where we delve into health, hormones, and happiness. In this episode, I had an enlightening conversation with the incredible Lavinia Errico, co-founder of Equinox and the visionary behind MOVEJOY. We explored the transformative power of movement and community, witnessing remarkable stories of women achieving significant health improvements, from weight loss to unprecedented blood work results.

Lavinia shared her unique approach of blending ancient wisdom with modern science in MOVEJOY, a practice that not only enhances physical fitness but also fosters mental and emotional well-being. We discussed the profound impact of starting each day with positivity, creating a foundation for overall health. Lavinia's journey during the pandemic, from offering online classes in her garage to building a supportive community, showcases the importance of joy and connection in challenging times.

Join us as Lavinia shares practical tips for incorporating more movement into your life and emphasizes the profound impact of mindful living. Don't miss out on the beta launch of MOVEJOY – an opportunity to join a movement focused on not just fitness but on fostering happiness and community. Discover how MOVEJOY can be your catalyst for a more vibrant, joyful life.

Key Takeaways:

[00:01:35] Maintaining motivation and self-care.

[00:05:30] Shifting energy during COVID.

[00:09:23] Starting an unexpected fitness class.

[00:12:13] Moving for the mind.

[00:16:19] Aging and well-being.

[00:22:24] Shifting mindset around food.

[00:25:15] Ritualistic approach to food.

[00:29:15] Integrating breath with movement.


Memorable Quotes:

"I think the biggest thing is that to just really love yourself and love where you are and find a way to be like, all right, I may have 20 pounds on me, but it, I'm alive. Like I woke up this morning like amazing, like 150,000 people aren't gonna wake up this morning. "[00:22:20] – Lavinia Errico

I think that health really is an inside job and I don't care how many steps you do. I don't care if you're paleo or vegan or vegetarian or primal, at the end of the day, it's like, it's your thoughts, it's your words, it's your action, it's your behavior. You know, it's your attitude that really creates your life, right? [00:12:15] – Lavinia Errico

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