Hormone Replenishment Before Hormone Replacement with Dr. Anna Cabeca


Today on the girlfriend, I am simplifying hormonal treatment plans to give you a crash course in the history, application and data on all hormone replacements, bioidentical hormones and natural ways to replenish your natural supply of hormones. Women have been needlessly suffering simply because the medical knowledge was lacking, conflicting or at times flat out wrong. In this special episode I am answering questions directly from listeners like you in hopes to help you better understand which form of hormone therapy is right for you. 

As an advocate for hormone replenishment over full blown hormone replacement, I always steer my patients towards lifestyle changes that can promote a healthy resolution of menopausal symptoms because it takes more than hormones to fix your hormones! Unfortunately, hormone replacement therapies do literally replace your ability to produce your own hormones. Through education and advocating for a treatment that suits the preservation of your ovaries and enhances your body's natural  hormonal production,you can enter the second spring in the best health of your life

Ovarian function is a marker of longevity and it all starts in the womb. Lifestyle is 90% of what you need to do. Your diet, sleep and stress management all have a big impact on your hormonal health. Your hormones are a reflection of your overall health so let this episode be a resource on your journey reclaiming your hormonal health. 


[2:50] It takes more than hormones to fix your hormones

[4:00] 85% of women experience menopausal symptoms which a sign of hormonal imbalance

[9:00] How one study in 2002 spread misinformation about hormone replacement therapy 

[13:00] Women at risk for cardiovascular disease should always be on transdermal estrogen

[17:45] Transdermal estrogen decreases triglycerides giving it a better cardiovascular profile 

[20:00] The catastrophic flaw in the Women's Health Initiative study  

[24:00] The problem with hormone replacement is that it stops your natural hormone production

[25:00] The keys to hormone replenishment: Adrenal adaptogens, detoxing and eating clean 

[27:00] Oral hormone replacements is risky post menopause, as it increases inflammation

[38:00] How to retrain your bladder and avoid unnecessary surgery 

[45:00] How do you know when menopause starts if you’ve had a hysterectomy 

[51:00] Understanding the difference between normal and optimal labs 

[58:20] There is no ideal way to test your hormones because they are energetic molecules

[61:00] Stress and toxins are always triggering to hormonal imbalance 

[64:00] You cannot heal your hormones without first healing your gut first

[68:40] How to naturally treat menstrual migraines with diet and supplements

[72:00] Doing the KetoGreen Detox before going on bio-identical hormone creams

[79:30] Take the first steps with my Healthy and Happy Hormone Quiz!


How Healthy and Happy are your Hormones Quiz

Mighty Maca

The Hormone Fix 


NYT Article: Women Have Been Misled About Menopause



“We need to be self educated on our hormones. We need to be self educated on our own bodies and what the changes are, so we can intervene as early as possible.” [4:17]

“You have to ask for the bio-identical progesterone or you have to advocate for yourself and use a transdermal formula that is good and effective, with again, the right information, the right education and lifestyle around it. These are things that will make a difference around hormone replacement but even better than hormone replacement is hormone replenishment!” [24:11]

“When I did get really good at using bioidentical hormones preoperatively, my patients would come in for their pre-op visit and say, Dr. Anna! I am no longer having symptoms, I'm not leaking anymore! I went for a run, I'm jogging, I’m jumping on the trampoline, I’m playing, laughing with no problems, so surgery became unnecessary!”  [40:25] 

“If our hormones are low or we’re experiencing early ovarian failure or perimenopause, Why? What is suppressing our body’s natural productions? It’s always toxins, it’s always stress; these are two key factors that play with our hormones!” [61:53]

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Dr. Anna Cabeca

Dr. Anna Cabeca

Certified OB/GYN, Anti-Aging and Integrative Medicine expert and founder of The Girlfriend Doctor. During Dr. Anna’s health journey, she turned to research to create products to help thousands of women through menopause, hormones, and sexual health. She is the author of best-selling The Hormone Fix, and Keto-Green 16 and MenuPause.

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