Detox Unleashed: Balancing Hormones with Dr. Christopher Shade

Today on The Girlfriend Doctor, prepare to be inspired by the expertise of Dr. Christopher Shade, founder and CEO of Quicksilver Scientific. With a Ph.D. in environmental toxicity, Dr. Shade has dedicated his career to pioneering detoxification and supplement delivery systems. His innovative protocols and solutions have empowered countless individuals to eliminate toxins and regain vitality.

Gain a profound understanding of heavy metal detoxification and its connection to hormone balance. Dr. Shade unveils the impacts of heavy metal toxicity, including fatigue and anxiety, and shares how liposomal and nanoemulsion delivery systems boost detoxification. You'll also learn practical daily detoxification tips, including the "push catch" concept using bitters, glutathione, and hormones like estrogen and progesterone that play a vital role in this process. 

Dr. Shade will reveal the extraordinary powers of activated charcoal as a toxin binder. Unlock your body's detox superpowers and reclaim your vitality. Get ready for an electrifying exploration into the world of heavy metals and hormones, and discover how to revitalize your health.   



[3:49] Connection between heavy metals, yeast infections, and thyroid dysfunction

[6:28] Liposomal and nanoemulsion delivery systems

[9:13] Symptoms of heavy metal toxicity 

[12:40] Replenishing beneficial minerals during detoxification

[18:04] Estrogen dominance and its impact on detoxification

[22:57] The importance of bitters in detoxification for women

[24:50] The significance of Angostura bitters in maintaining soldier health

[26:43] Link between hormones and detoxification

[28:25] Daily detox practices: mobilize and bind toxins

[31:02] Importance of regular bowel movements for detoxification

[34:19] Importance of detoxing for overall health and well-being


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"We have a lot of compounds that we've extracted from plants, pure things like curcumin and resveratrol and quercetin. And we have all the biochemical data on the pathways that they target. But even the drug companies know how good these are for the different pathways. But the reason they don't use them is because they have poor bioavailability and you can't get them into the system. So we need some way to cheat the normal absorption and increase it" [6:28] -Dr. Shade

"You need something that moves toxins and something that catches toxins. We call it push catch or mobilize and bind. The catch the toxins is simple. Those are what we call the binders. The most characteristic of them, and simplest of them is activated charcoal." [28:25] -Dr. Shade 


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