Beyond Symptom Management: The Power of Functional Medicine with Dr. Jeffrey Bland


Don't let the limitations of our current medical system hold you back from achieving optimal health. Join me and Dr. Jeffrey Bland, a PhD, a scientist, and a world-renowned researcher and leader in personalized medicine and functional medicine, for an insightful discussion on how functional medicine can help you go beyond just managing symptoms. Discover how eliminating what's bogging down your immune system can improve your health with functional medicine.

Today’s episode stresses the importance of an individualized approach to healthcare that focuses on preventative care and treating the root cause of illnesses, rather than just managing symptoms with pharmaceuticals. Functional medicine has the potential to revolutionize healthcare by providing a more personalized, root-cause-based approach to medicine. By focusing on prevention and addressing the underlying causes of disease, functional medicine can help to reduce healthcare costs and improve patient outcomes.

Learn how functional medicine can help you take control of your health, even in a stressful world where getting the right information and implementing it can be challenging. The future of healthcare is moving towards a more preventative and personalized approach, and Dr. Bland is at the forefront of this movement.


Key Takeaways:

00:01:55 Limitations of current lab profiles and the need for a more holistic approach

00:06:40 Dr. Jeffrey Bland's work in functional medicine

00:09:00 Functional medicine focuses on fully capable health

00:10:35 Tools to quantify physical, metabolic, cognitive, and behavioral function

00:13:30 Functional medicine controversy and financial incentives system

00:21:45 Personalized Medicine Institute and Big Bold Health 

00:24:10 Success of a hospital system based on love and respect as the driving force

00:27:15 A better understanding of the immune system 

00:29:05 Big Bold Health's focus on immune system rejuvenation

00:31:30 The Immunity Solution

00:33:05 Importance of immune rejuvenation for pre-autoimmunity for women

00:38:40 Importance of gut health and microbiome rejuvenation for proper gut immune function

Links Mentioned In This Episode

The Immunity Solution Website:

Institute of Functional Medicine Website:

Big Bold Health Website:

Big Bold Health Instagram:

Dr. Jeffrey Bland Website:

Memorable Quotes

"We're preventing heart disease. We're preventing cancer, we're preventing dementia. Those are all meritorious objectives. But if you ask a person earlier in their life, what are the reasons that they're really interested in health, it's not actually to prevent the absence of a disease, it's to function at a high level.” [00:09:09] - Dr. Jeffrey Bland

"I think that the functional medicine movement is part of a broader movement of enlightenment, of people like yourself that are saying, we can only claim that this world is not as we want it to be. If we're not doing all we can to make it better." [00:23:11] - Dr. Jeffrey Bland


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