065: Your Vibe, Energy and Life w/ Robyn Openshaw

Robyn Openshaw: Your Vibe, Energy and Life

Today, my very special guest on Couch Talk is Robyn Openshaw.

Robyn is an author of 15 books and is known as the “Green Smoothie Girl”… but she is so much more. Our conversation was fantastic and far-ranging…we talked about her reality TV show gig on the program, “Wife Swap”…oh, my goodness…so interesting and hilarious, too.

But more importantly we talked about the stunning revelation that changed her life and her family’s as well… and that went on to change the lives of 100’s of thousands of people worldwide.

Dr Anna Couch talk with Robyn

From Green Smoothies and Whole Foods, to Energetic Frequencies

Some 10 years earlier than her “Wife Swap” exploits Robyn was in her 30s and on many medications, weighed over 200 lbs.; was struggling after miscarriages and had finally been able to conceive only to have a son who’s health started to fail when he was 7 months old, his illness eventually threatening his life.

No-one could seem to help and she took over her family’s diet, got rid of processed foods and focused on a strictly whole foods diet. That’s when she went out to her garden and started her Green Smoothie drink…eventually enabling her young son to thrive. Many years later…that son just turned 24 and is a healthy 6’ 3”! And Robyn not only went on to have 3 more healthy kids but lost 70 lbs.! She is now at a very healthy weight and is an active athlete and business entrepreneur.

As Robyn focused on getting the word out about the energy and health one can get from clean, healthy and live nutrition…it started her thinking about how different foods, medicine and even people seemed to create different types of energy…some good, some bad.

And that started her down the road of researching energetic frequencies, and how they can impact one’s health and life.

Listen to the Interview and Learn

  • Why she believes in the Einstein quote, “Everything in life is a vibration”
  • Why measuring vibrations can be more effective than counting calories!
  • That healthy people vibrate at a higher frequency than unhealthy people…it has been measured! And the same goes for foods…colorful plant foods vibrate at higher frequencies than processed food from a can!
  • How your thoughts, emotions, and even music all have a specific energetic frequencies…and that there are healing frequencies and destructive frequencies, too.
  • Why connecting with the earth’s energy is so important to increase your own healthy vibration.(Love this!)
  • How when we choose to live our lives at a higher vibration we are more apt to stay in that flow…there is an energetic momentum. One high vibration decision (showing compassion, for example), can lead to a flow of many other high vibration decisions and rewards.
  • Why our emotions are just energies in motion. And why they can sometimes get stuck.
  • How 20% of us are highly sensitive people and may express our vibrations uniquely, such as Intuitive people who are very tapped into every energy source in a room…you’ve met those people, who walk into a room and immediately know what little dramas have gone on…and know who might need a kind word, etc. So fascinating…and you’ll be able to think about where you might fit on this energetic scale.
  • And much more…

Listen to the Interview Now!

Her latest book has great VIBES…

Vibe book by Robyn Openshaw

We also talk about her latest book which is called, Vibe: Unlock the Energetic Frequencies of Limitless Health, Love & Success

Check out her current book offer!

Visit Robyn at greensmoothiegirl.com

Clear the clutter from your cells to achieve high frequencies for more health and high-vibe feelings of peace, calm, and flow!

Thanks for a great interview Robyn…


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