More Vibrant and Painfree Intimacy – One Woman’s Story

Today I am talking with a 64 year old woman named Lisa R. about her long-term efforts to feel better “down there”!

intimacyShe had been vibrant and energetic in most all of the areas of her life, feeling much younger than her years – biking, kayaking, active and enjoying her life – except for her discomfort and pain during intimacy.

She wanted to feel as young there as she did elsewhere in her life. 

Lisa shared her story of trying hormones and many other treatments to correct vaginal dryness and painful intercourse, and how some of that even led to her having other medical issues such as worsening fibroids.

Lisa was candid and frank in how her vaginal symptoms were impacting her life…as well as her bank account, energies and time!

Finally she also talked about how she has now gotten to a point where she CAN be frisky, achieve wonderful intimacy with her husband, with absolutely no pain! And that she can do so without concerns relating to parabens and other hormones that were affecting her fibroids and overall health.

Read her story…and I so appreciate her sharing it with all of you.

Lisa’s Saga Started With Bioidentical Hormone Pellet Insertion Therapy

Lisa told me of all the efforts she had gone through over the past years, starting with bioidentical hormone pellet therapy.

For those of you who don’t know what this is, pellet therapy is when implants containing a hormone are placed under the skin, on a regular basis (usually every few months).

Pellets are made by compounding pharmacists and typically are testosterone or estradiol (she’d had both inserted). They are fused into little cylinders that are a little smaller than a “Tic Tac” and are inserted into the subcutaneous fat in the lower abdomen or backside.

The issue for Lisa relating to the pellets was the need to go into the doctor’s office every few months or so and get “cut open” at the back of her hip to have the pellet inserted. She just got tired of that.

So next she tried troches. Troches are small lozenges that a woman places between her cheek and gum which allows it to dissolve slowly. The hormones in the lozenge are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. She was satisfied with using these but her doctor wanted her to try Triest. 

Triest is a compounded blend of 10% estrone, 10% estradiol and 80% estriol. These caused her existing fibroids to swell. So that didn’t work well for Lisa. So next her doctor put her on a Biest, also a troche, less inclined to cause issues with her fibroids. But that proved to be too expensive!

Frustrated, Lisa Went To Naturopathic Doctor 

Her new doctor switched her over to estriol suppositories so that her fibroids would calm down.

This worked for the fibroids, but she had to drive 1½ hrs to check in with her doctor on a regular basis. This time requirement was happening at the same time she was the primary caregiver for her mom who had dementia. So her time and energy was completely depleted…and her intimate life was still challenging. She was having pain during intercourse and even bleeding.

Her naturopath next prescribed DHEA and estriol suppositories, but that just seemed to cause sore breasts and abdominal discomfort.

As I listened to Lisa I thought maybe the dosage was too strong, causing these symptoms.

You Need a Hysterectomy!

Lisa then was told that she had a fibroid on her cervix (along with others) and that she needed a hysterectomy. But she didn’t want to do that, although she did end up having the one fibroid removed.

After all of that, she found herself using the same hormones that she had felt flared up the fibroids in the first place…so what to do?

So try another hormone change! Her doctor gave her a prescription for Estrace® to try.

She filled the prescription using a discount coupon but was shocked to learn that without the coupon the next refill would cost $360!

And then she did some research on Estrace…

You’re Giving Me a Hormone With Hormone Disruptors?

Lisa read the product info that came with the Estrace and learned it contained parabens, which are known hormone disruptors.

Lisa said,

I noticed the parabens and I thought, oh my lord, I try to get away from stuff like that because they’re hormone disrupters. So here, they’re giving you a hormone with hormone disrupters. You gotta wonder!”

It made no sense to her – someone who ate organic food and tried to live a healthy lifestyle – so she stopped right there.

She was desperate… and somehow came across information about Julva®, my restorative feminine cream for the vulva.

lisa r testimonials

She decided there wasn’t much else to try so she’d give Julva a whirl … and she tried it and said that after she used Julva just eight or nine times she and her husband got frisky and it hurt a little, but not bad. It was much better.

Then she used Julva a few more times and when she and her husband were intimate…and everything was great,

“I had my own lubrication, there was no pain and in fact, my husband even said, ‘Geez, just like a young woman!’

And I thought, oh my Lord, how could this…How could something that you just put on you work? But I don’t really care, because it works!”

“I Can’t Thank You Enough!”

So now Lisa feels young in every aspect of her life…she told me, “I can’t thank you enough. And I’m so happy that I found this product.”

Along with it helping with her natural lubrication and pain…she loves that the product is non-toxic and safe, and that it doesn’t create the side effects and other problems with her health that she worried about with the estrogen options.

She couldn’t believe that a hormone solution to help her would contain toxins and create additional health risks, and was so relieved that Julva® does not.

“There’s no sense in that. That’s what we’re trying to get away from, aren’t we?”

Thank YOU, Lisa! 

I was so delighted to hear yet another wonderful testimonial to Julva’s effectiveness.

If YOU want to try Julva®, you can get a free 7 night trial dose by clicking here.

Julva Free Trial Pack

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