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Today I want you to meet a beautiful 62-year-old woman named Shayndel Kahn. This energizer bunny has now been a part of two seasons of Magic Menopause and is here today to share a little about the “game-changing” strategies that she learned as part of my Keto-Green® diet and lifestyle program.

Shayndel’s Keto-Green journey started when she clicked to see a free workshop focused on “hormone harmony as women age”. She had actually already been through menopause, which thankfully for her came and went with relatively few issues; no significant hormonal symptoms other than mild hot flashes and vaginal dryness (which she is now taking Julva® to address).

But after relatively easy menopause, she had found herself with brain fog and mild depression (which she thought to be seasonal affective disorder). She also had 10 pounds or so of stubborn belly fat. Nothing too serious, but she thought she’d listen in to the workshop as she was always interested in learning more about improving her health.

Shayndel said that the core messages related to living a Keto-Green lifestyle resonated with her. The idea that the program’s focus wasn’t just about sticking to a diet intrigued her, so she signed up…and is so glad she did. Here are the 5 game-changing discoveries that have made the biggest impact on Shayndel.

Game-changer #1: The amazing benefits of being outside

Living on the east coast she used to dread winter; even in the fall she would be thinking about the drearier dark days already approaching. She said she thought everyone who lives on the east coast must have seasonal affective disorder, and felt she did, too.

She remembers one depressing winter day, while actually in the midst of the Magic Menopause program, she was heading home at about 3:30 and it was already starting to get dark and gloomy. It was freezing cold, but she still stopped her car at a lake and just walked around for 10 minutes, taking in the views and fresh air. She recalled how recharged and energized that had made her feel. Her mood had immediately lifted.

After that, she made a habit of getting outside and connecting with nature, even if only for a few minutes, on a daily basis. She found that her entire view of “winter” changed, from dreary and dread, to relishing its beauty, and enjoying how being outside and capturing the changing light made her feel, almost as if she was somehow resetting some internal rhythm in her body. No matter what, even if freezing cold, she now ensures she gets some time out-of-doors each day (and she doesn’t wear sunglasses during this time so that her circadian rhythm is optimally set). 

She thinks that this practice, now a permanent habit, also helps her get a great night’s sleep each night.

Game-changer #2: Women need to replenish themselves

One of the aspects of the Keto-Green program that really struck a chord with Shayndel was that it wasn’t just a diet, but that some 75% of what the program focuses on is about lifestyle decisions, including decisions to prioritize one’s own happiness. To Shayndel, one of her empowering learnings was how important simply replenishing herself was. She embraced (pun intended) the concept of the power of oxytocin and intentionally focuses on oxytocin-enriching moments daily. 

She has seen definite correlations between her level of stress and her ability to remain alkaline; she practices HeartMath to optimally manage her stress level. She recounted one day she had spent at the spa back during the program, and how her urine pH had never tested as green as after that day of pampering! She is now very intentional about her need to nurture herself and to do the things she needs to do to be happy.

Clearly by prioritizing herself Shayndel is supporting her underlying physical health (reduced stress level, more balanced hormones, etc.). But she wanted to specifically comment on the importance and power of prioritizing oneself simply for the purpose of achieving joy and being happy.

Game-changer #3: Keto-Green living isn’t just about diet (but the diet is delicious)

The word “diet” sends a shiver through many women as it usually means depriving oneself. But Shayndel found eating Keto-Green to be just the opposite. She loved the beautiful vegetable-laden Keto-Green plate. She loves cooking, so she really embraced the many recipes in the program and those shared by the many supportive women on the Magic Menopause/Keto-Green community FB page. Her husband also enjoyed all of her delicious Keto-Green meals so she didn’t have to cook a separate menu for him (although he still had his own breakfasts and bedtime snacks).

The word “diet” also tends to make most of us think it is a short-term thing that we will just somehow plow through no matter how miserable we are while doing so! Haven’t you heard friends say they are “on a 6-week diet” to lose 10 pounds because they are going to a special event? And haven’t you heard them say things like, “I can do anything for 6 weeks (no matter how grueling)…!” But what about after that 6 weeks… what do they do but go right back to their old ways and eating habits? Shayndel said the Keto-Green program is one that isn’t short-term or miserable; it is a new habit of eating…delicious eating!

She found that getting alkaline was incredibly rewarding as it made her feel great. She believes that she now can actually feel when she isn’t alkaline, even without a urine test (although she still tests daily as she is working on upping her ketone level). She drinks vinegar and lemon every morning and has basically incorporated alkaline eating as a way of life. She has been working to increase her intermittent fasting interval (from 12 hours to 15) but says that if she is hungry on any given day she will just eat earlier. She has learned to listen to her body.

Game-changer #4: Everything starts in the gut

Shayndel was surprised that I had suggested, during a live Q & A call during the program, that she might be dealing with a leaky gut (as an explanation for some painful joint issues she was having). What could the gut have to do with her joints? She had given up most gluten and dairy prior to taking Magic Menopause but decided she needed more focus and testing to address what might be going on. She is now seeing a functional medicine doctor to look more closely at healing her gut. That, along with her alkaline lifestyle should continue to offer relief to her joint pain.

Many of the women in Magic Menopause, and those who purchase my book The Hormone Fix, are surprised to hear that so many symptoms throughout the body – seemingly unrelated to our digestive system - can be traced back to issues with their gut. That’s why we focus on supporting the gut microbiome as a foundational part of the Keto-Green program.

Game-changer #5: It’s not about the pounds…but how you feel

Shayndel lost the weight she had wanted to during the program and is now at the weight she was in her 20’s. She didn’t really track her weight or measurements during the program, but she recalls that 3-4 weeks into the program she needed to buy a new bra and dress. She was a bit shocked that her usual size 36 or 38 bra was now a 34, and she was fitting into smaller size dresses. So she knew she had lost weight and inches…which was terrific; but more importantly, her toxicity scores went from around 79 to about 35 (at the end of the first class) and is now around 15 or so. It was so great for her to be able to take my hormone toxicity quiz and see the dramatically improved results!

The physical changes are great; but to Shayndel, the best part of living Keto-Green is that she feels great. She has a ton of energy, is happy, positive and now prioritizes the activities that she knows help replenish her.

She definitely wants to continue to live Keto-Green, and hopes there will be another Magic Menopause in the future. She feels like even though she has a handle on the program and lifestyle now, she actually wants to return as part of the growing alumni in order to help others just starting out.

The Magic Menopause experience was so great. Dr. Anna is a gem, so brilliant…you could see her mind activating during our live calls…so knowledgeable. Her team is also great; I am in awe of them. And the private Keto-Green and Magic Menopause communities were also so positive and helpful with all of the alumni support. Love the recipes in The Hormone Fix, as well. I have recommended the book to my friends, the program, too.”

Congrats Shayndel on becoming a healthier and happier you! And thank you for sharing your game-changers with the rest of us!

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